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My Blog Doesn’t Feature Enough Cheerful Pop Music About Anthropomorphic Pony Girls

That changes today!

I hope all of you are as excited about the new movie My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks as I am! I mean, when you’ve already got a pretty solid cartoon about ponies, what better way to expand the brand then by introducing an alternate reality where all of the ponies have human versions? Even Derpy! Rainbow Rocks comes out on the 27th!

Also, in even funner pony news, my cousin named his son Dash (short for Dashell). As a proper geek, I knew this would mean he might like Dash Parr from The Incredibles. And that’s all well and good…but man, if I can somehow get that kid to love Rainbow Dash instead, my life will be in some ways complete.

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