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Comic-Con Trailer Sunday!

There have been a ton more trailers coming out of Comic-Con, and I’m too lazy to make individual posts for each of them — don’t judge me, it’s the weekend. And speaking of a lazy Sunday, how about we just run them down, shall we?

The Boys

I love The Boys comic from Garth Ennis. It was pretty great from start to finish. As always, I’m a little worried about a TV show adaptation, but this trailer looks fine so far. Quality comic book show to make.

Good Omens

I read Good Omens a couple years ago, when I was reading Neil Gaiman novels. It’s good! And the trailer looks good too! So here’s hoping it’s another success.

Mortal Engines

Ugh. The trailers for this movie keep focusing on the wrong things. I want to see more of these giant, mobile villages and cities. That’s such a unique idea, and the trailers make them look amazing!

But no, the trailer focuses on all the usual Young Adult adaptation ideas. We’ve got a magical MacGuffin amulet, a Terminator-like monster, mom secrets, and more. Then the protagonist is described as “very, very rare”. Seriously? The badass female antagonist who is both “beautiful” and yet has “jagged edges”? Isn’t that every single badass female YA protagonist?

I’m still gonna see it.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

This looks amazing! As I’ve mentioned before, I rather enjoy all these serious reboots of classic 1980s cartoons. There are maybe too many of them, but I’m not going to complain about nostalgia-based entertainment. I’m as much a sucker for that as anybody. And I love how this looks!


Oh For the Love Of…Another Movie Trailer! Mortal Engines!

I didn’t think Ocean’s 8 was that big of a release this weekend, but we’re getting a bajillion movie trailers this week! Or maybe they’re all preparing to go in front of The Incredibles 2 next week? Or Jurassic World in a few weeks? I dunno!

But here’s the first full trailer for Mortal Engines!

Man, that sucked!

Way to kill all the excitement engineered from the first teaser trailer.

I don’t know anything about Mortal Engines. I don’t know if it’s from a book, a comic or the fevered brain of Peter Jackson directly. All I know is that the teaser trailer was insanely cool! Giant motorized cities cruising around the apocalypse having mobile war? It looked amazing! I’d never seen anything like it!

But you know what I have seen before? About 95% of this dumb new trailer.

Are you kidding me with this? You have this crazy original visual to play with and show off, but your trailer is standard stock sequences of Hugo Weaving and vaguely attractive young people standing around in metal  hallways debating blah blah blah?!

I realize the movie doesn’t come out until December, and therefore a lot of the CGI probably isn’t finished, but show us something! This movie will live or die on its awesome visuals, and after this trailer, it looks pretty dead to me!

Mortal Engines, show us what you got!



Mortal Engines is Coming Out!

Here’s a movie I hadn’t heard of until this teaser trailer came out today! It’s Mortal Engines! Peter Jackson is involved, though he’s not directing. I think it’s based on a book? Trailer looks pretty crazy, at least.

Yep, this one is definitely on my watch list. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I totally grabbed that $10 a month MoviePass deal a few months back and it has been paying off completely! I’m gonna see a ton of movies in the new year and Mortal Engines is one of them!


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