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Review: Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #6

It’s issues like this where patience pays off! Brian Michael Bendis has been building to something good, and this is it! This is the battle, these are the confrontations, this is what we’ve been waiting for! Miles Morales vs. the Green Goblin! The truth about Peter Parker! Even more exciting stuff! The last issue was all about transitioning us into this stellar adventure, and I’m all the more glad for it. I’ve almost always been a fan of Bendis’ decompressed storytelling. I like that he takes the time to build a scene, or build up to a moment, because we get pay offs like this issue.

Ultimate Spider-Man #6

Ultimate Spider-Man #6 is one of the richest, most confident and exciting comics in Miles Morales’ short career.

Comic Rating: 10/10 – Fantastic!

Yep, a perfect score. I don’t do that very often, but if I don’t do it for an issue like this one, then what am I saving it for? Ultimate Spider-Man #6 has it all, and almost all of it is satisfyingly good. This is a big moment for Miles and for the series. Our young hero fully embraces his role. He stands tall as a true Spider-Man, and has more than a few great moments, while his predecessor looks on.

Speaking of Peter Parker…could this really be him? Before now, I was pretty sure this was just some storyline Bendis has been working on. Miles voices the obvious option: he’s a clone. But with this issue, Bendis provides a somewhat reasonable explanation for how Peter could be back from the dead. On top of that, what’s to stop Bendis from bringing Ultimate Peter Parker back from the dead? The latest Ultimate Universe relaunch failed spectacularly. Both All New Ultimates and whatever they called the Ultimate Fantastic Four have been cancelled. The Ultimate Universe is probably on its last legs, with only Ultimate Spider-Man really kicking along.

So why not bring Ultimate Peter Parker back from the dead? Why not give him, his family and this series a happy ending? Leave Miles as the one-true Ultimate Spider-Man and just shuffle a resurrected Peter off to the side. It makes about as much sense as any resurrection in comics. And the reason it hasn’t gotten a lot of attention is because nobody really cares about Ultimate Spider-Man anymore.

I think this twist would be pretty awesome. Because considering what Bendis does with Peter Parker and his family in this issue, it would be even more cruel if Peter was revealed to be a fake.

But hey, maybe Bendis is a cruel man.

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Review: Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #5

Curse you, transition issues, you are the bane of my comic book reviewing existence! Writer Brian Michael Bendis delivers another stellar chapter in Miles Morales’ current superhero woes, but it’s the sort of chapter that takes us from Point A to Point B instead of delivering any really great story moments of its own! And those it does deliver are obvious cliffhangers! It’s so frustrating, but only because the comic is still oh so good!

Ultimate Spider-Man #5

Ultimate Spider-Man #5 is a perfect example of why some comics should be read in the trade! I don’t know if I can wait for the next issue! Exclamation!

Comic Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

But I’m going to have to wait. I’m a big boy, I can suck it up and deal. BendisĀ andĀ superstar artist David Marquez are at the top of their game here, telling a tightly packed, vivid story. I would probably even go out on a limb and say their Spider-Man comic is better than the regular Spider-Man comic. Ultimate Spider-Man is just so much more involved, so much more epic. Dan Slott might be dealing with classic Peter Parker and his big supporting cast, but Bendis is telling such a grounded, long-lasting saga here. These characters all have history, they have agency, and that just makes for a stronger story.

I only wish I wasn’t reading it one issue at a time, but that’s no one’s fault or choice but my own.

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Review: Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #4

If I’m being honest with myself, I would have to admit that Miles Morales probably couldn’t defeat the Green Goblin 1-on-1. But how cool would it have been if Miles held his ground and somehow pulled out a win? Superheroes pull out the win all the time! That’s what I wanted from the latest issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. But writer Brian Michael Bendis clearly had other ideas in mind. So it’s an odd little dynamic. I want one thing. Bendis has other plans. And in the end, he wins, because I’m just the reader. That’s how this relationship works. Fortunately, Bendis and artist David Marquez still deliver one heck of an awesome battle.

Ultimate Spider-Man #4

Is there anything more exciting than Spider-Man fighting the Green Goblin? I suppose there are a few things out there, but Bendis really knows how to spin it.

Comic Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

This review is pretty darn late, and I could have skipped it completely, but I haven’t missed an issue of Miles Morales yet…I don’t think. I’m chronicling his adventures for posterity! It’s like a personal quest. Maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or I might be mixing everything up in my head. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got a new issue on our hands, and it’s actually pretty cool. Miles Morales vs. Green Goblin for the first time, on the very spot where Peter Parker was killed. This is a huge story, and Bendis fills it with hugeness. The fight is pretty darn good, and Marquez, as usually, draws the heck out of it.

But the focus doesn’t stay with Miles for long, and that disappoints me. Bendis has another big subplot he’s working on these days, and as much fun as it might be, it takes the focus away from Miles at a very crucial, pro-Miles moment. I won’t spoil it up here, but I will later in the synopsis. Suffice to say, Miles can handle the spotlight, and this could have been a hero making moment for him.

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Review: Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #3

Now things are starting to heat up! Last issue was definitely build-up, with Miles preparing to tell his girlfriend the big news, and bad guys moving around the background. Well in the new issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, Brian Michael Bendis shifts into a higher gear, setting up what will no doubt be an exciting climax! The new Spider-Man vs. the Green Goblin! Katie Bishop panicking! Ganke proven right?! The tension ratchets up in a big way this issue, from a threat that’s actually born from the Spider-Man universe. Not since Prowler or Venom has a battle felt so important in this comic.

Ultimate Spider-Man #3

But the best is yet to come! Bendis starts toppling over some of his dominoes in this issue, and we’ve still got more story to go!

Comic Rating: 9/10 – Great.

The stakes just feel more real in this issue than they have in awhile. Every time Bendis is forced to add Miles to some big Ultimate Universe crossover, the stories lose that important tension. Who really cares about Miles getting thrown into a big Ultimates battle against Hydra? Or Miles swinging around helping people while Galactus threatens the world? Miles, and Spider-Man, are best left as street-level heroes. I’ve always said it, and I’ll continue to say it. Seeing Miles struggle to tell his girlfriend that he’s Spider-Man, or panicking in the face of the Green Goblin, is a great Spider-Man comic.

Miles Morales is a fun character. He may not be as iconic as Peter Parker, there’s no way he could be. But Bendis is doing a great job with Miles. He’s grounded, he’s human, and he’s driven to be a hero. He’s got a lot to learn ahead of him, and the story of that discovery makes for great comics.

Though once again, rumors of the Ultimate Universe’s destruction are on the wind. Apparently Miles is going to crossover with All-New X-Men in a few months? And something big and interdimensional appears to be on the horizon for next Spring. Bendis even drops a clue/tease in this issue, if you can believe them. I don’t know what to think. I still don’t want Miles to be shuffled off to the regular Marvel Universe. But, obviously, that decision is out of my hands.

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Review: Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #2

It’s like we never left. Sure, Galactus the Devourer of Worlds tried to eat the Ultimate Universe in one sitting, leaving New Jersey a wasteland. But that’s not going to stop Spider-Man from worrying about his girlfriend or struggling with clones. That’s just the way of the world. And the new issue of Ultimate Spider-Man continues the way of the world as if that Galactus storyline never even happened – I’ve already forgotten what it was called. The event still gets a little bit of lip service in the new issue, but more than anything, the adventures of Miles Morales continue unabated this issue, and I’m more than happy for that.

Ultimate Spider-Man #2

Marvel may have gone to all the trouble of relaunching Ultimate Spider-Man with a new title and a new #1, but writer Brian Michael Bendis clearly didn’t care, to our benefit.

Comic Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

The big surprise at the end of last issue was that Peter Parker had mysteriously returned! So Miles has definitely got his hands full with this issue, because resurrections are not part of the normal course of business in the Ultimate Universe. Where did he come from? What does he want? How many more issues before we find out? Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #2 is very much just a chapter in an ongoing story. All the the various plot threads that Bendis is currently playing with move forward, but without any real twists or revelations, at least not yet.

Still, not every issue needs to be read on the edge of your seat. We don’t always need a big surprise or a mind-blowing moment to make an issue good. Bendis instead delivers another solid outing easily supported on the shoulders of Miles Morales and his entertaining supporting cast. As always, the new Ultimate Spider-Man is a quality comic, and while bigger, more interesting events are surely around the corner, this is still a solid issue.

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