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Bath Salts Make Your Face Look Tasty

As regular readers might know, I work at a daily newspaper writing about crimes and criminals. And just like that face-eating guy down in Florida, we’ve had our fair share of bath salts-related incidents here in Upstate NY. There have been a few this year, but the freakiest by far was last week. This woman came out of her house choking her kid, fell down some stairs, stripped naked, ran around growling at people, choked her pit bull, fell down the stairs again and then tried to bite the cops.

Pepper spray had no effect on her, but she was able to be hand-cuffed when she was Tasered. Unfortuantely, she’d been having some heart conditions and later died of some kind of heart attack. The whole thing is still under investigation, but you can read the story I wrote about it here.

Meanwhile, speaking of people writing things about crazy bath salts, here is a rap by mc chris called ‘Tasty Face’!

Uh, hopefully this wasn’t in too poor of taste.

You Can’t Tell Me What Toys I Can Play With

There are few things a Brony such as myself likes more than when the rest of the world acknowledges the awesomenss of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So let’s give it up to that maniac with the microphone, mc chris, for his My Little Pony rap! The song ‘Discord’ premiered on his website on April Fool’s Day, but you’re all fools if you don’t love it.

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