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OK Matrix Resurrections, You Have My Attention

A new short trailer for The Matrix Resurrections came out yesterday and it has for sure caught my attention. Up until this trailer, I’ve been assuming that Resurrections will be like The Force Awakens, like some kind of simple recreation of the first Matrix movie. But maybe that’s the point…

One take away from this trailer might be that the studio and filmmakers are so crass that they want people to believe this is a recreation of the first film, and that’s why they should watch it. Resurrections will be safe and simple.

But my take away from this trailer is that Resurrections has something deeper and cooler going on, and the resemblance to the first film is an intentional swerve. Maybe it’s going to take a meta approach to the very idea of that resemblance and really blow our minds. So I’m going to keep my hopes up for this second interpretation!

The Matrix Resurrections comes to theaters on Dec. 22.


We’re Going Back Into The Matrix!

The Matrix Resurrections is coming in December (hopefully) and we finally have a trailer! Let us dive back into that crazy world with a pretty awesome trailer, showing off a lot of really awesome visuals.

Looks good to me! I’m as much of a Matrix fan as everybody else. Perhaps even more so, because I actually like both sequels. And I’m ready for this new film. I’m as skeptical as anybody else when it comes to reviving franchises with a new sequel after several decades, but at least this new movie has one of the Wachowski sisters back to helm the project. That counts for a lot. And all of the actors look fine.

The movie also looks visually magnificent. So huzzah to The Matrix Resurrections! Coming out on Dec. 22!


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