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Gamer Girl & Vixen: Spreading the Word

Yesterday was a pretty huge day for Gamer Girl & Vixen, my own self-published comic. We’re gearing up for a Kickstarter in May, and the website decided to check out our comic and write up an article to help show us off! They are my heroes right now.

You can check out the article for yourself by Clicking Here. It’s a great little write-up and I am over the moon at the acknowledgement. So sorry in advance for gushing.

But hopefully After Ellen is just the beginning. We’re looking for anybody out there willing to help us spread the word about Gamer Girl & Vixen and gain some more followers ahead of the Kickstarter. A few of you henchies have already agreed to spread the word — and I couldn’t be more grateful. Seriously, that you readers would be willing to help me out like this is more awesome than I ever expected blogging to be.

Anybody who’s willing to help out, let me know! It’s as simple as visiting that After Ellen article and sharing it on your own social media. Or if you’ve got a blog or website, I can send you some preview pages of our comic to show off. You can check out the pages for yourself here. And you can also send people to our website

You Henchies have been a wonderful help so far, and I can’t thank you enough. We’re only one short month away from making this comic a reality, and I couldn’t be more pumped!


6 Page Preview of Gamer Girl & Vixen #1

It has been awhile since I posted Gamer Girl & Vixen news, so prepare for a mother load! We are proud to present to you a preview of Gamer Girl & Vixen #1. Here are the first 6 pages of our comic. These will be part of the finished product, and introduce both of our main characters.

The first issue is almost complete, and will hopefully be done by the end of the month. From there, we’re planning to finally launch our Kickstarter campaign in May to produce a second issue, and then to print and ship both issues to our backers. We’re nearing the final stretch to get our comic off the ground and into your hands!

But first we need your help! I know some of you readers are fellow bloggers, with your own comic book blogs. If anyone is willing to host these preview pages on their own blog to help spread the word of Gamer Girl & Vixen, please let me know. You can leave a comment at the bottom of this page or shoot me an email at The only way my comic can succeed is if we get the word out, so I would greatly appreciate any help with this.

If you’d like to follow along more closely with the production, you can visit our new website!

Now without further ado, join me after the jump for the rest of the preview! And let me know what you think in the comments! Thank you!

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Gamer Girl & Vixen: Meet Taylor Esposito, Professional Letterer

Big news this week, comic book fans!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome letterer Taylor Esposito to the creative team of Gamer Girl & Vixen! Formerly of both Marvel and DC Comics, Taylor is the lettersmith behind recent comics like Red Hood and the Outlaws, Constantine, New Suicide Squad, Vibe, Katana, Watson and Holmes, Bodies, and more.

Taylor has worn many hats in the comic book industry over the past several years, mostly in the graphic design side of things. He was a staff letterer at DC Comics for the past two years before leaving their employ in December. Since then, Taylor has decided to go freelance with his own graphics studio, Ghost Glyph Studios.

And one of the first projects Taylor signed up for was Gamer Girl & Vixen! Taylor discovered us through the Twittersphere and quickly offered us his talents to help make our comic a reality. He’s been hard at work for us behind the scenes for several weeks now, and he finally gave us the go-ahead to announce his involvement publicly.

As a special treat with the announcement, we present the completed first page of Gamer Girl & Vixen #1, with Taylor’s lettering! On this page, Vixen is narrating her opening heist!

Artist Gemma Moody is hard at work this month on finishing up issue #1 for us, and we’re going to share more completed pages in the weeks ahead. So stay tuned. We’re drawing ever closer to getting our comic off the ground, and now with the creative team complete, it’s only a matter of time!

If you’d like to follow along more closely with the production of Gamer Girl & Vixen, you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Both are updated frequently.

We’re also turning our Tumblr page into the Gamer Girl & Vixen HQ! There you’ll be able to see all preview pages we show off, as well as get some more background info on the project and the team.

I’ve also got another announcement for Gamer Girl & Vixen soon, so keep your eyes peeled to this blog. I’m going to need your help with something!


All 6 Gamer Girl & Vixen Preview Pages!

We’ve been teasing these pages for awhile now, but my creative team and I are finally ready to share all six preview pages for Gamer Girl & Vixen! These pages were written and drawn last Fall when we were trying to pitch to comic book publishers. That didn’t work out, so we’re forging ahead with self-publishing plans and a Kickstarter this Spring. The pages are going to be re-drawn, re-lettered, and even a little re-written, so what you see here is no longer the finished product — but it’s still a nice taste of what Gamer Girl & Vixen is going to be!

These preview pages are co-written by myself and Kristi McDowell, with art and lettering by Gemma Moody. Here’s the first page, which takes place in the middle of the first issue, with Gamer Girl and Vixen on the run from security.

Join me after the jump to see the rest of the preview! Some of these pages I’ve posted before, and some are brand new! I hope you enjoy. Anybody interested in following along on our progress and helping out with the Kickstarter can keep their eyes peeled to my blog. We’re currently in production on issue #1, and I should have some final project preview pages in the near future. So stay tuned.

We are also only 3 people away from reaching 100 likes on our Facebook page! So anyone who’d like to pop on over there and give us a thumbs up, please do! I’m pretty sure we get some kind of special prize when we reach 100 likes. At the very least, we’re all feel really warm and fuzzy.

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Gamer Girl & Vixen – Meet the Characters

Gamer Girl & Vixen is a story about love and shenanigans. It’s a story about finding someone to love through all the obstacles that both we and the world put in our way — especially for same sex couples, for whom those obstacles are more vast and obtrusive than anyone else might realize. But those obstacles can be overcome no matter who we are or who we love. Whether it’s a disapproving parent or a misinterpreted text, women like Bianca Crowley and Liz Jaczynski can still be with one another.

When they’re not busy committing super-crime, of course.

All the crime!

Gamer Girl & Vixen is a supervillain lesbian love story. It’s about two costumed criminals whose crime spree turns to romance — and they just happen to both be women. It’s got burglaries, betrayal and superhero battles, but it’s also got a lot of love and tenderness.

The goal behind Gamer Girl & Vixen is to tell a fun and exciting comic book story — one that also just happens to be about not only women, but gay women. Because, quite simply, there aren’t enough of these types of stories out there, even in superhero comics. There is a strong movement in the comics community these days to feature more comics about women, to acknowledge that women and girls read and love comics. We whole-heartedly agree, and we want to get our comic in the hands of all kinds of readers.

That’s why we’re on the Road to Kickstarter later this Spring. I’ve written a lot about the comics making process on my blog, and now it’s about time that everyone got a better look at our characters and story!


Name: Bianca Crowley

Age: 18

About: Bianca Crowley is gay, but it’s a secret. Don’t tell her boyfriend. And definitely don’t tell her mother. Mommy dearest doesn’t approve, and Bianca has locked herself in the closet since high school. Now in college, she’s a cheerleader, the darling of her sorority and is dating a track star. She’s living the perfect life, just like her mother always wanted.

But Bianca’s got another secret: she likes to steal stuff. Her father used to be a notorious thief, and her mother has a lot of rich friends. So most of Bianca’s late nights involve dressing in black and committing a little felony burglary. It’s her own little rebellion.

Bianca is about to embark on her biggest heist to date, and whether she realizes it or not, she could use a helping hand.

Gamer Girl

Name: Elizabeth “Liz” Jaczynski

Age: 20

About: Liz Jaczynski is an out and proud lesbian, an engineering student and a self-proclaimed video game fanatic. She resents the fact that Sega lost the original video game war, has started petitions to have a female protagonist in the next GTA, and is holding out hopes for an Angry Birds/My Little Pony crossover. She’s also a budding superhero with dreams of glory.

When she was younger, Liz’s dad was a bit of a con man, and she used to help out on jobs. But when he was killed in a grift gone wrong, Liz decided she had to do better and succeed beyond his wildest dreams. Liz designed a set of gauntlets capable of producing hard-light hologram constructs, programmable for whatever sort of weapons or equipment she might need. That she programmed in a bunch of video game weaponry is just how she rolls.

Now as Gamer Girl, Liz is ready to achieve the glory she was always destined for — it just might not be the destiny she was expecting.

Bianca and Liz are our two main characters, but the story isn’t just about them. Join me after the jump to meet the supporting players of Gamer Girl & Vixen, and learn a bit more about the story’s premise.

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