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There is Now an Orange Power Ranger, Because the World is a Nice Place!

In a world where nice things happen, BOOM! Studios has designed an Orange Power Ranger for a little kid’s Make-A-Wish. It’s the Orange Beast Morphers Ranger, which I think is the current season.

BOOM! introduced this Orange Ranger as a variant cover for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40, available at only San-Diego Comic-Con!

Orange Ranger 01

This is just plain fun. You can read the whole story here. Basically, 8-year-old Tyler from New Jersey wished to be a Power Ranger and BOOM! used their powers as the publisher of the Power Rangers comics had this cover made up. It looks gorgeous!

Make-A-Wish, BOOM! and the Power Rangers are all awesome!


Some Good Superhero News for Today

Real life super-villain Rex Velvet has been captured!

But not by his arch-nemesis, Phoenix Jones. Instead, Rex Velvet went down in a silly string fight against Agent C – otherwise known as 12-year-old Colby, a Seattle kid who has been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. Colby’s greatest wish is to be a secret agent, and with the help of the local Make-A-Wish Foundation, Colby’s dream came true.

When Rex Velvet kidnapped the Seattle Seahawk’s mascot, it was Agent C on the case to thwart that dastardly super-villain!

Here’s a video of the diabolical Rex calling out his foe:

This is just delightful news. We’ve been following the awesome adventures of Rex Velvet since he made his debut, but to see him actually use his villainous persona to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation? That’s beyond awesome! This guy is the greatest. And Agent C is pretty cool too.

You can read more about the event, and watch a news report, by clicking here.

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