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Let’s Start Election Day Right – New Lincoln Trailer!

The new movie Lincoln comes out very soon, and to celebrate the day we vote for President, we have a new trailer!

This trailer has more in the way of the story. As I understand it, Lincoln isn’t going to be about the famous President’s entire life. It’s more going to be about his battle to crush slavery beneath his stove pipe boot. This trailer really fleshes out the rest of the cast, which looks to be stellar. Though I’m hoping Tommy Lee Jones actually becomes his role, instead of just Tommy Lee Jonsing things up.

Did I Say Lincoln Looked Prestigious? I Should Have Gone With ‘Badass’

The new Lincoln trailer is out, and while the last one was steeped in somber ambiance and prestige, this one kicks things up a notch!

Now that’s a Commander in Chief I can get behind! That’s the kind of movie I want Lincoln to be! Give me a hellfire and brimstone-spewing President who’s not above putting an uppity Congress in their place! This is the man whose birthday is a national holiday!

Full Lincoln Trailer My Collapse Under the Weight of Its Own Prestige

I know Lincoln is going to be a prestigious movie, but hot damn that trailer seems to think it’s going to be the most prestigious movie ever made! I’m starting to wonder if Lincoln is going to drown in its prestige.

It was an alright trailer. Nothing special, nothing too amazing about it. The trailer didn’t give me goosebumps or get me very excited for the movie. Hopefully it’ll be a good flick.

Everybody Loves Abraham Lincoln

This isn’t particularly geeky, but I think Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln is the movie I’m most looking forward to at the end of the year.

There’s just something so prestigious about Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg making an Abraham Lincoln biopic. Is there any American historical figure more beloved or more awe-inspiring than Abraham Lincoln? Even though there was that time he suspended Habeas Corpus. Still, he’s much much cooler than George Washington, by far.

And William McKinley can suck it!

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