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Jojo Rabbit Might Be My Most Anticipated Movie For the Rest of the Year

The summer is over and there are no more Marvel movies coming out this year. What’s a cinephile like me supposed to look forward to? You can keep your Jokers and your Rises of Skywalkers! Bring on Jojo Rabbit! This looks hilarious!

Taika Waititi is back to work more of his magic, this time skewering Nazis and fascism. Seems like his sort of task! Jojo Rabbit looks funny, it looks touching, it looks sharp as nails. It comes out on Oct. 18!


Some Boss Movie Trailers to Start the Week

It’s Monday. Same as always. So how about we ease the trouble with some nifty movie trailers? I love movie trailers. I used to watch Coming Attractions on the E! Network as a kid.

First up is JoJo Rabbit, the next original film from Taika Waititi!

That looks amazing. I’m definitely excited for that one, with Waititi knocking it out of the park lately. The dude has reached the zenith! JoJo Rabbit comes out on Oct. 18.

Next up is Zombieland: Double Tap, the sequel to the original.

This could be fun, and probably will be. They had a shot at a TV show at one point. But the trailer looks wild, so here’s hoping Zombieland 2 is good stuff! This one is due out…also on Oct. 18! Oh man! how can we be expected to choose?!


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