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Check Out Spider-Man’s New Costume in this Bad Skit!

Spider-Man is going to get a new suit in his upcoming sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home. It’s red and black instead of red and blue. I like the red and blue one better.

Anyway, there were a couple leaked photos from set that showed off the new suit, and some candid ones on Instagram. But we got our first real look of the suit in this poorly written and acted skit from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The suit looks pretty cool, but that skit is just plain bad. Jimmy Kimmel is supposed to have better writers than that. And Tom Holland, oy. Everyone involved can do better.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Loves His Dark Knight Role As Much As Me

I’m going to be a dear and not spoil Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s surprise role in The Dark Knight Rises – the role other than Police Officer John Blake. But anyone who read my review knows I absolutely loved the twist at the end. On Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, Gordon-Levitt and Jimmy said a few words about it, and I decided to share. So SPOILER warnings on, people. There’s also a funny story about Muppets.

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