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6 Things I Want to See on Gotham

As hesitant as I may be to embrace the new Gotham TV show on FOX, I can still admit that it could be an amazing show. Gotham will be loosely based on Gotham Central, one of my favorite comic book series of all time, and one I have been praising as a potential TV adaptation from the very beginning. Any true Batman fan will tell you that Batman is only as cool as he is because of the world in which he inhabits, and Gotham City is one of the greatest settings in all of fiction.

The potential for Gotham to be a great show is through the roof!

In theory.

At least they got the logo sort-of right

The producers and writers could still mess it up big time. Weren’t we all giggling with glee at the potential behind Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? That show is only mostly OK┬ámore than halfway through it first season, when we all expected it to be Firefly reborn (or at least I did). Gotham could go either way. Brilliant or bupkis. Glorious or garbage. Well if the good people at FOX want Gotham to be a success, they should take my phone calls and listen to the 6 things I want to see in the show!

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My Long, Overdue Thoughts on Gotham

I don’t know why I haven’t been covering all of the news and casting coming out of the new TV show Gotham. There have been several times where I’ve sat down prepared to say something about Donal Logue being cast as Harvey Bullock, or meeting the new young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, but nothing comes to mind to write. It’s especially strange considering I think the comic Gotham Central is perfect for a TV adaptation. This new show should be a dream come true.

But it’s not.

Because it’s different. And I think I’m afraid they’re going to mess it up.

The Batman show without Batman

Hopefully my regular readers will know that I am not picky when it comes to comic book adaptations. I firmly believe that some changes must be made between the page and the screen, and I really don’t mind when those changes are aesthetic, like using Ultimate Nick Fury in the Marvel movies instead of regular Nick Fury, or not having the Hulk get his powers from a Gamma bomb. The only thing I really have a problem with is when TV and network executives (whom I hate on principal) get their grimy mitts on a beloved property and warp it into something hideous and nonsensical, all in a quest for ratings or viral web clicks or whatever repugnant buzz words they’re spouting next.

I can’t stand it when these adaptations have no soul.

And for some reason, I’m kind of afraid that’s what Gotham is going to be. In everything I’ve seen or read about this series, which is currently in production and will definitely reach our TV screens, I just get this overwhelmingly dreadful feeling that all of this is a sham.

Join me after the jump to see why.

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