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The Kevin James Renaissance is Upon Us

Have you been watching all of Kevin James’ new content? It’s great! That’s right, I said Kevin James. I don’t know if it’s a quarantine thing or what, but for the past two months, comedian Kevin James has been reinventing himself on his YouTube channel with a series of deeply funny short films. Not “haha” funny, but darkly, sublimely funny.

Take, for example, his latest Sound Guy sketch from the movie Inception. He plays a sound guy edited into a bunch of movies.

Hilarious. Who knew Kevin James had such depth of comedy? But here he is, cut loose from the rigors of Hollywood and delivering some truly great material!

Definitely worth a quarantine binge!


Lego Inception

Sadly, this is not a trailer for an upcoming Lego video game for Inception. How cool would it be if it was? Instead, it’s just a neat bit of Lego CGI feature scenes from Inception. That’s pretty good too, I suppose.

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