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There’s Gonna Be Another How to Train Your Dragon

They’re making another How to Train Your Dragon movie, completing a trilogy that was clearly never meant to be a trilogy. Could be fun, though.

I loved the first movie, but didn’t particularly care about the second. It was pretty clear that the first movie was never meant tot have follow-ups, but when the money sings, more movies need to be made. So in coming up with a sequel idea, the writers abused one of my least favorite tropes: taking away what makes the hero special by making it some kind of family destiny.

In the first film, Hiccup is the first viking ever to bond with and train a dragon, since everybody else just fights with them. He’s a maverick as he teams up with Toothless and becomes the first ever dragon knight!

Exceeeeeept…the sequel reveals that his long-lost mother has totally been training dragons for forever, and it’s totally not something unique and special to Hiccup. I hate that trope.

Here’s hoping the threequel is better. It’s subtitled “The Hidden World” about the hidden homeworld of dragons…but then both the first and second films had a hidden dragon land where they all lived comfortably. So how is this new hidden world any different?


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