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New Hobbs & Shaw Trailer Continues to Blow My Mind

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve never really seen a Fast & Furious movie. Maybe the first one, once upon a time? Whatever, doesn’t matter. I’m definitely going to see Hobbs & Shaw on Aug. 2 because these trailers make it look awesome!

I’m going to level with you good people: I stayed up way too late last night finishing the third season of Stranger Things. Then I still had a bit of trouble falling asleep because it was really humid last night. So I’m not 100% this morning. Just enjoy the trailer, and then go finish Stranger Things!


Hobbs & Shaw Attempts to Ruin Action Films For All Other Movies

I have never seen a Fast & Furious movie. Maybe parts of the first one back in college. But I’m going to see Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw on the first damn day thanks to this new extended trailer. Holy cow, people, this is how you make a movie trailer!

I almost don’t want to spoil the movie trailer! You have to see it for yourself! I loved it! From the Rock rallying an army of Samoan warriors to a chain of trucks trying to pull down a helicopter, this is awesome! Consider me hooked!

Hobbs & Shaw comes out on Aug. 2.


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