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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 4/11/20

The virus apocalypse is still very much in effect and the world of comics may never be the same. You all know this. You’re here for comic book reviews! And good news, I actually have one! This week saw the release of the much-talked-about Gotham High graphic novel aimed, I think, at young adults.

Gotham High 01

I’m pretty sure that’s Squirrel Girl on the right…

There are no new regular comics coming out, only random digital comics that I just don’t feel like reading. So I decided to grab a digital copy of Gotham High to read and review because this book has received some heat recently — and not the good kind of heat. The annoying, roll-your-eyes, can’t believe the people that say this stuff call themselves comic book fans kind of heat. Rather than let that stand, I decided to add my review to the mix!

Comic Reviews: Gotham High.

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