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Meet the Cast of Forever Blue, My New Comic Project!

I write comics. That is pretty fun to say. I write this blog, too, but mostly I want to write comic books for a living. I’m not alone in that regard, obviously. There’s a ton of hard-working people out there pushing for this goal with a lot more to show for their efforts. But I’m trying. I’m getting there. For example, my first graphic novel — Gamer Girl & Vixen: Flirty Money — is available now! How’s that for a first effort? I’m excited!

Well I’m not going to rest on that one accomplishment! I’ve got more ideas cooking, and I’m going to share more about one of them today.

Meet the cast of Forever Blue!

Forever Blue Cast 01

Forever Blue is a Firefly meets Power Rangers story about a crew of rainbow-colored cosmic superheroes who failed to save the galaxy. Now it’s 9 years later and one of them, the Blue Foreverteer, is captaining her own smuggling/mercenary crew. She is hired by the team’s former Big Bad to track down her old friends and teammates, kicking off the story.

I’m still working on all the big, flashy marketing stuff, so my premise/tagline isn’t too snappy and energetic yet.

But anyway, this is the first full drawing of some of the main characters. The art is by Gemma Moody, the same artist behind Gamer Girl & Vixen. I like her style and her design skills, so I’ve got her on board working up a lot of character and hopefully spaceship designs for Forever Blue. I also believe she’s taking art commissions, so if you like her style, get in touch!

As for the cast:

The first two characters on the left are Tameron Dackard, the former Forever Blue, and Roth Rivas, the former Forever Red. The rest of the Foreverteers haven’t been designed yet, because they don’t factor into the story until later.

Then we’ve got the present day crew of Dackard’s ship, the Nevermore: Charlotte “Charlie” Somas, the fighter; Pryce Michon, the pilot; Kalina Fall, the medic; and Mungo Ragonese, the mechanic.

The Nevermore is also still in the design stages. Or maybe I’ll just call it “Nevermore”, like Serenity. Haven’t decided yet. I’ve asked Gemma to design something as iconic as a cross between the Millennium Falcon and Serenity, so no trouble there, right?

Anyway, this is a project I’m having a lot of fun working on, even if it’s slow going. Gemma is standing by to help me keep designing story elements, whenever I can afford her. And I hope to have a couple mini-comics done by the end of the year. I’ll share all of that on this blog when I can.

If you’re interested in reading more about Forever Blue, I twice submitted the opening script to the first full issue to The Proving Grounds on some months back. You can check out my two entries here and here.

That’s it for now. I’m just excited to share another project I’m working on! And I hope to have more to share soon!


Sean Ian Mills is Back in the Proving Grounds!

Good news, everybody! Remember back in September, when I submitted a comic script to Comix Tribe and The Proving Grounds? Well they dinged me over the coals pretty good, but it was all constructive criticism. And your boy, me, took it to heart and rewrote the opening scene of my next comic project, Forever Blue!

Check out my return to the Proving Grounds for Forever Blue!

If you’ll recall, Forever Blue is a Firefly meets Voltron story of a galaxy-weary space outlaw who has to get her old Power Rangers squad back together to save the day. If anybody’s interested, I can share some more back story stuff.

And my Gamer Girl & Vixen artist, Gemma Moody, was kind enough to draw up a character design of the main Forever Blue character, Tameron Dackard.

Note the soon-to-be iconic ax

She’s working one more for me, and I’ll definitely be trying to get more done on the project in the new year. So stay tuned, and maybe someday I’ll have some more good news for everybody!


Sean Ian Mills in the Proving Grounds!

It’s an exciting day for me! Instead of posting the latest funny Internet video or comic book news, we get to delve into one of my own personal projects today! As some of you have already read, I’m working on my own comic called Gamer Girl & Vixen. The first issues are due back from the printer later this fall. But that’s not my only project!

Another comic I’m writing is going to be called Forever Blue. It’s a Firefly meets Power Rangers idea about a team of colorful commandoes who must reunite several years after they failed to save the universe.

Logo is a work in progress

Right now, I’ve got the first storyline planned out, and I’ve started scripting the first two issues. Forever Blue was one of my submissions to the Oni Press open submission competition this summer — and it didn’t make the cut. But I’m not going to give up. If I can get it scripted, I’m going to look into hiring an artist and maybe posting it as a web comic sometime next year.

But that’s all in the future.

Today is exciting because I submitted the script for issue #1 to the website Comix Tribe, which hosts a peer review feature called The Proving Grounds. A team of Comix Tribe editors dig into submitted amateur scripts and offer critiques and other constructive criticisms. I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for my turn for weeks now, and today is the day!

Click here to check out Forever Blue on The Proving Grounds.

They ping me for my pacing problems, and I totally understand what they’re getting at. It’s great advice, and something I’m going to have to work on when I finally start producing Forever Blue.

If you’d like to read the full scene, which is a few pages longer than what was critiqued, you can Click Here.

Also, I’m a little embarrassed about a scene I wrote involving the main character’s butt, and my attempt to make a pun about it on Page 3. Heh. As you henchies know, I’m not the kind of creator/reader who’s in this for the gratuitous butt shots. But it seems I have a long way to go in my mastery of ass-related puns.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this first sneak peek into Forever Blue! I hope to have more news about it going forward.


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