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Perry Bible Fellowship Does Galactus

Marvel Comics teaming up with The Perry Bible Fellowship may be one of my favorite pop culture team-ups of the modern age.

For those of you who don’t know, The Perry Bible Fellowship is this amazing, hilarious comic strip by a guy named Nicholas Gurewitch. There’s no single plot to the strip, simply joke after joke after joke. And for those of you who are already fans, I have some added, personal trivia for you! The Perry Bible Fellowship got its start in the comic section of The Daily Orange, the student-run newspaper at Syracuse University.

And what other comic strip ran in The Daily Orange right alongside The Perry Bible Fellowship? Why, my very own Falmouth University, of course! Granted, Gurewitch’s comic was much better, and he’s had a ton more success than me. But I still like being able to say that my meager little comic ran alongside one of the greats in its original run!

And then Gurewitch went on to actually draw comic strips for Marvel Comics! Brilliant stuff.

I like to tell myself that if I ever met him again, he’d totally remember my comic and tell me he was a fan. I can dream, can’t I?

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