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Check Out Fairytales From Mars on Kickstarter!

As some readers may know, I am an aspiring comic book creator myself. And while I’ve got some pans in the fire, I’ve also got friends trying to make it as well. One of those friends is Kristi McDowell, my co-creator on Gamer Girl & Vixen. She and our editor, Jamieson Alcorn, recently launched their latest project on Kickstarter called Fairytales From Mars. It’s an anthology of Martian fairytale stories by a host of awesome creators!

I have a lot of faith in my friends and their comic collection. I haven’t been given any special peek into the project, but I think all the artwork looks amazing.

You can read more about the anthology — and read the 4-page preview — at their website.

Mostly I just want to support my friends and co-creators with their next big project. So I am appealing to you, my readers, to head on over to Kickstarter and pre-order yourself a copy of Fairytales From Mars! I think it’s going to be neat!


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