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UN-Forgotten Characters: Excavator

Hey guys, Excavator’s back!

About two years ago now, I started up a special feature on my blog called Forgotten Characters. Basically, I tend to fall in love with some of the most obscure, small time comic book characters you’ve ever seen. Maybe they only show up for a single issue or a single storyline, but for whatever reason, they tickle my fancy. In the hopes that maybe other people like them as well, I give them a little write up to let the world know I haven’t forgotten.

The first Forgotten Character on my list was Excavator, the teenage, shovel-wielding member of the Wrecking Crew. He was created as a one-off joke character in the pages of Runaways way back in 2005. Excavator served his purpose and we never heard from him again, no matter how much I really liked him.

Until now.

Turns out, Excavator has been brought back in all his shovelly glory in the pages of Avengers Undercover! How cool is that?!

Pretty darn cool

Join me after the jump for all the details!

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Forgotten Characters: Excavator

Whatever happened to the fifth member of The Wrecking Crew, the teenage, shovel-wielding Excavator?

Fans of my blog know that I am a huge fan of obscure superheroes. I just can’t help it. Sure, guys like Batman and Spider-Man are awesome, but I’ve been reading comics long enough to develop a list of favorites who aren’t quite headliners. Some of the best comic book characters of all time only made a few appearances, then somehow got lost to comic book limbo, rarely to be seen again. I think my blog is a good place to highlight those guys, with a new feature I’m going to call ‘Forgotten Characters’.

First up is Excavator, who only made one appearance in Runaways #1 (Volume 2).

I want to beating the living shit out of him already

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