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Superhero naming conventions are getting ridiculous adds yet another amazing parody, with a very good point about superhero names in the Marvel universe. Enjoy!

Everybody is a Little Bit Worthy

For some reason, this lousy cold just won’t let go of me! Every day has just been a little bit stuffy, a little bit headachey, but I think today I’m going to see the end of it. So while I head out to the store to buy some decongestants, you guys can watch this funny Avengers video from Dorkly.

Good stuff, Dorkly. Now cure me of the common cold!


Dorkly is Doing Cartoons Again!

Anybody else visit Dorkly, the one-stop shop for all things dork? It’s a pretty neat website, and they’ve finally started doing original cartoon shorts again!

Dorkly, in association with College Humor, made some of the funniest geeky and video game-themed video shorts a few years ago. They’re some of the best you’ll find on the web. But they stopped, and a light went out in my life. Now it seems they’re back! And on Youtube, so I can share! Let’s make this sort of thing go the viral. Kids are still saying that, right? Or at least ad execs are?

Even when the world’s ended, caffeine is a must

Some days, you could just kill for a cup of coffee.

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