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Diablo 4 Is On Its Way!

We all love video games. I know I do. And so another long-lasting, ever popular franchise will be back for another installment. Blizzard — which is facing all sorts of trouble this year — has announced Diablo 4!

They did so with this long, fancy, cinematic trailer.

I’ve been a Diablo fan since the beginning. And even though I’m just as bothered as anybody else with Blizzard’s China connections as of late, I’m still quite excited to play such a game as Diablo 4.

They also released a gameplay trailer and announced the first three classes: barbarian, druid and sorceress.

The game looks like a Diablo game, alright. Though I’m a little disappointed that it’s just going to be another medieval adventure. Why not pick a new era? Maybe pirate era Diablo? Or modern day? That would be fun! Maybe make Diablo the hero this time against a corrupt Heaven?

Just spitballing here. No release date yet.


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