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New Infinity Train is On The Way!

Did you catch Infinity Train when it finally came out this past year? I sure did, and I quite enjoyed the adventures of Tulip on that crazy train! Of course, if you saw it, you know that the first season ended pretty definitively.

Fortunately, season 2 seems to have come up with a really great way to keep the story going without undoing the previous ending.

Looks as good as season 1! Doesn’t look as good as the original pilot, but nothing ever will ever again. Still, season 1 was really good, and I can’t wait for season 2!


Have You Heard of Infinity Train?

I hadn’t heard of Infinity Train until Comic-Con this past weekend, when it got a new teaser. But apparently, it’s been around since at least late 2016, when a pilot short was hosted online through Cartoon Network. I don’t know how I missed this, but watch the whole thing, it is hilarious and just plain cool as heck!

Infinity Train is from Owen Dennis, who worked on Regular Show, which I’ve never seen. It’s about a girl, Tulip, stuck on a mystical train, where each car is something new and wild.

Here’s the new teaser from Comic-Con this past weekend.

Cartoon Network has promised a full show to come out some time next year! Consider yourself all on notice to watch it! Get hyped!


My 6 Favorite Cartoons of All Time (This Week)

I have watched cartoons for my entire life. As a child in the 1980s, I was the perfect target for the glut of toy commercial cartoons that filled the airwaves (and now our movie screens). The ’90s saw not only the rise of Fox Kids and after school cartoons, but also the coming of The Simpsons and prime time animated entertainment. I sat through Nicktoons, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and now I’m basking in a golden age of smart, intelligent and often amazing cartoons like BoJack Horseman and Steven Universe.

So through all these long years, which ones are my all-time favorites?

Oh man, remember Dinosaucers?

Oh man, remember Dinosaucers?

By popular demand, I’ve finally sat down and figured out my six favorite cartoon shows of all time — at least for this week. This list is subject to change on a whim, but I think it’s pretty rooted in solid cartoon enjoyment. I had to dig deep on this one, and it pained me to cast some of my favorites into the ‘Honorable Mentions’ at the bottom. But these six are truly some of the greats.

For the sake of my sanity and memory, we’re sticking to television cartoon shows. There are plenty of animated movies and web cartoons that are genius, but we’ll save those for another day, perhaps. And please feel free to share your own favorites in the comments below!

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Let’s Celebrate Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has gotten me through some tough times, times when I didn’t have cartoons in my life. So come celebrate their 20th anniversary! I’m especially fond of Adventure Time these days.

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