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A Bunch More Good X-Men Also Did Not Get Picked

This week, Marvel has been rolling out more and more of these short strips about the X-Men characters who did not get voted on for membership in the new X-Men roster. I was mostly disappointed that Strong Guy did not make the cut. But there’s also Marrow and Armor.

And Tempo and Boom Boom.

And Sunspot and Cannonball.

C’mon, voting public! Nobody voted for Marrow, Armor, Boom Boom or Tempo? Those all would have been exciting choices for a the flagship X-Men team! We could have had some real shakeups!

Instead, the only remaining candidates are Polaris, who is already starring in X-Factor, and Banshee, who I would be fine with. I’ve always liked Banshee, and he’s been dead for a good long while. Having him back on an X-Men team would be pretty fun.

We’ll find out the winner at the Hellfire Gala in June!

Zeb Wells wrote all of these shorts, with colors by Rachelle Cheri and art by Emilio Laiso on the first one, Nico Leon on the second one and Diego Olortegui on the last one. These were all super fun! And, again, highlight the need for an X-Men anthology book that explores these minor characters on Krakoa. I think that would be fun!


Cannonball Steps Up Big Time!

This is kind of a minor thing, but apparently the superhero Cannonball is going to join the Avengers in the new Marvel NOW! relaunch!

That’s him in the upper left hand corner

That’s a set of three covers from the new series, by writer Jonathan Hickman. There are a few new characters – as well as every single Avenger from this summer’s big movie – but the important one, to me, is Cannonball. Not that I’m a huge Cannonball fan or anything, I just generally like the idea of minor characters like that stepping up to do something new and bigger than their usual fare.

Plus, I remember back in the 90s when Cannonball ‘graduated’ from X-Force onto the X-Men. That was treated like a really big deal at the time, and I enjoyed him on the team. I miss the days when being on a certain team meant something, as did shifting from one team to the other. Still, perhaps you’ll enjoy the look at the new Avengers lineup. I’m sure it’s going to last…4 months.

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