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I Can’t Tell If Nobody is a Comedy or Not

So there’s going to be a new movie called Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk next year. The trailer is…well…you might as well just watch it for yourself and consider what’s happening.

Nobody is clearly some kind of new version of Taken or a million other of these same movies. Normal person gets put into some type of conflict and they reveal they are a super fighter/badass. And Nobody doesn’t seem to have any additional twists. Liam Neeson in Taken was supposed to seem like a normal dad guy before he went all super soldier, so that’s not a new plot with Nobody.

And Bob Odenkirk…sure, he’s killing it in Better Call Saul these days, but the man is a born comedian. And I just can’t watch that trailer and see his performance and think he’s not having fun with it, even if only in his head. There’s no way Odenkirk takes this material as seriously as the movie does.

At least that’s what I’m seeing. Nobody comes out on February 26.


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