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The Black Friday Craziness is Real!

The media loves a little Black Friday shopping insanity, and this year, I actually got to be a part of it. Right here in dinky little Rome, NY, the shoppers at our local Wal-Mart went nucking futs! There was trampling and shoving and somebody even got stabbed! It’s one of those things where you never think it’s going to happen in your neck of the woods, then suddenly…stabbing.

More like 'Black & Blue Friday', amiright folks?

Now I wasn’t there, but as Rome’s local crazy shit-covering newsman, I got to write about it for my day job. I love writing about crazy crap going down.

If you’re so inclined, you can read my articles here. I’ve written two so far. I don’t normally talk about my day job on this blog, but sometimes something cool actually happens.

‘After Midnight, Shopping Brawl Erupts’

‘Hurt Employee ‘Scared’ by Black Friday Chaos’

Also, be prepared to visit one of the worst websites in the entire Internet. And I work there! Lucky me.


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