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How About Some of Them There Comic-Con Trailers!

This past weekend was Comic-Con @ Home, and I guess it went fine. Obviously it wasn’t full of the normally epic reveals and trailers we get when the world isn’t on fire, but there was plenty of good stuff revealed. And since I was lazy and didn’t post it already, I’m just going to lump a bunch of cool trailers together!

First up is Bill & Ted: Face the Music. I’ve been wary about this film…but this trailer is so much fun it won me over!

That was some solid Bill & Ted energy! The movie is coming Video-on-Demand on Sept. 4, so that’s pretty cool. Most movies are being pushed back to a theatrical release next year, but it’ll be nice to have some movies at all this year.

Next up is Truth Seekers, a ghost-hunting parody show starring Nick Frost that’s coming to Amazon.

Seems pretty fun. This was heralded as the return of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg working together, but Pegg is barely in the trailer. Still, I’ll check this out for Frost and the concept alone.

Lastly is a trailer for the third season of Infinity Train. Don’t watch this if you wan’t already seen seasons 1 and 2! Infinity Train is a special little show, and it’s coming to HBO Max, where hopefully more people can see it!

Looks damn cool! Season 3 comes out on Aug. 13.


Sweet Bill & Ted Trailer

No sooner do I make a post about a new Bill & Ted: Face the Music poster than we end up getting the first trailer after all. Fancy that. I should have just been more patient.

Anyway, here’s the trailer. It’s fine.

Nothing really blows me away about the trailer. Both actors are definitely showing their age. Nice to see the Grim Reaper coming back, same actor there as well.

It all looks fine and I remain cautiously optimistic.

Bill & Ted: Face the Music is scheduled to come out on Aug. 21. Fingers crossed that actually ahppens.


Sweet Bill & Ted Poster

Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music is still scheduled to hit theaters sometime this summer, so it’s time for the marketing to get to work. The movie has declared today “Bill & Ted Day” and have debuted this first poster for the film. Looks pretty sweet.

Obviously the rumor is that we might even get the first trailer later today. If we do, you best believe I’ll be sharing it here, so feel free to come back throughout the day.

I’m guarded about Bill & Ted 3. I love the original two movies, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. As far as I am concerned, they are theatrical masterpieces. Both of them. So the idea that we’ve come back for a third film all these decades later is very daunting. It is not often that this style of sequel making ever works.

But we’ll see. I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m also somewhat disappointed that the plot of this upcoming film is that Bill & Ted did not go on to bring about world peace like they were supposed to at the end of the first two films.


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