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Behold, Our First Full Look at Starfield

Starfield is coming! Let the hype construction begin. Bethesda, the makers of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls game, is looking to do the exact same thing with the sci-fi/space genre with Starfield. And at a big video game presentation yesterday, we got a big, chunky look at Starfield.

I love everything about this video. I love the Fallout games and I love Skyrim. So if they’re going to do the same exact thing, with a new genre, I am totally there. Granted, there have been similar games before, like Outer Worlds, which I very much enjoyed. But if Bethesda themselves give it a try, I think it’ll be even better.

Fallout meets No Man’s Sky? Yes, please!

I won’t be buying the latest X-Box, though, so I might need to upgrade my PC by the time Starfield comes out sometime next year.


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