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6 Superheroes I Would Pay For in Marvel’s Avengers Academy Game

Against my better judgement and all odds, I’m still playing Marvel’s Avengers Academy mobile game. I didn’t have very many nice things to say about it in my List Review, but the entire point of mobile games like this are to just stay hooked and never let go. Sadly, I must admit than the prospect of seeing this alternate Marvel Universe expand has me hanging on.

Good thing I haven’t spent one red cent on the game.

You’ll never get me, game developers!

Ostensibly, Avengers Academy would probably love to have me pay them actual money to play. They offer all manner of tantalizing doodads to buy, from event currency to special decorations to, most tempting of all: unique characters. Were I so inclined, I could buy the likes of Spider-Woman, Vision, War Machine, Captain Britain or Sif to join my Academy…but I’m not. I’m not about to spend a dime!

Unless, perhaps, Avengers Academy offers any of the following characters.

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6 Thoughts on the Avengers Academy Mobile Game

Once upon a time, superhero video games were a rare and sometime special occasion — especially if the game was any good. But now, superheroes are everywhere, and while we haven’t had that big budget, A-List Avengers console game, Marvel is going gangbusters in the mobile app market. There are fighting games, team-building games, card games and more, all advertising excellent superhero action.

I’m now a month deep into their latest offering, Avengers Academy, and I wanted to list out a little review.

Once again, Hawkeye gets shafted

Avengers Academy is a free-to-play city building game that recasts the Avengers as college or high school students. It’s a bright and colorful game that has you sending the Avengers on missions throughout the day, while buying new buildings to put on campus. At the moment, we’re right in the middle of the first big game event, featuring the Leader, A-Bomb and Red Hulk attacking the campus.

Avengers Academy is free to download from your mobile game store of choice. But join me after the jump to see whether or not you should.

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