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Avatar: The Way of Water is So Real There’s an Actual Trailer

One of the biggest reveals from the new Doctor Strange movie was the trailer for the first sequel to Avatar. I’m as shocked as anyone that this movie is actually coming out. I’ve always found it rather funny that Avatar was the highest grossing movie of all time for a long time, yet it left next to no cultural footprint. And then director James Cameron kept promising half a dozen sequels, adding to the joke.

But here’s our first look at Avatar: The Way of Water.

So I guess all the big blue alien people are gonna go swimming this time around? They spent a lot of the first movie flying. So why not spend some movie swimming? And they’ll do it in 3D! And then we’ll all have to live with a return of crappy 3D movies. Doctor Strange 2 had a 3D showing in my theater this past weekend. What’s up with that?!

Avatar: The Way of Water comes out on Dec. 16.


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