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I’m Lukewarm About the Animaniacs Coming Back

So the Animaniacs cartoon was a staple of my childhood, like so many other people. It was a great show. Very funny. And it’s coming back for a revival at Hulu. But…I dunno. I’m not very confident.

This first proper trailer looks fine, at least.

I just don’t know if Animaniacs is the right show to reboot. I think it might have been too much a product of its specific ’90s time. Animation has evolved so much since then. Comedy has evolved so much since then. Will Animaniacs be able to grab on to the modern zeitgeist?

We shall see on Hulu on Nov. 20!


I Thought Les Miserables Was OK

In related news, somebody made a fun Les Mis song parody.

I love a good song parody, and this one is by Shrimp Burritos, I think. Directed by a guy named Tyler Hamman.

But while we’re on the subject, I thought the Les Miserables movie was OK. It wasn’t as good as the Liam Neeson, spoken-word version from a few years ago. I think the singing was my main problem with it. Everybody sang every single line, and at certain points that sounded ridiculous. I understand that the stage musical is completely sung as well, but it just sounded stupid when they sang simple lines of exposition that would have worked so much better if they were spoken.

Maybe what Les Mis really needs is a half-spoken, half-singing version. Sing the really good songs and then speak the various lines in between. Somebody start making that.

Plus the whole time I was watching the film, I just kept thinking of Les Miseranimals from Rita and Runt.

That’s just a better interpretation all around.

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