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Star Wars by Way of Gamer Girl & Vixen!

Sorry gang, my review is not done yet! Blame my boss, who expects me to focus on my job during the day. Pfff, nuts to that. But to continue to hold us all over, superstar artist Gemma Moody drew up this awesome pictures of my comic book characters, Gamer Girl & Vixen, in Star Wars costumes!


I can’t help but be biased towards my comic and my artist. Both are such a fun part of my life now. If you want to make comics and haven’t started yet, don’t wait! Get to writing and creating, henchies!

Speaking of which, for those interested, my next major project, Forever Blue is going up for another peer review this weekend. I’ll share it when it goes live!

And if you want to know more about Gamer Girl & Vixen, follow us on Facebook! We’re so close to hittingĀ 200 likes!


Gamer Girl & Vixen is Now Available!

Big news today, comic book fans! Gamer Girl & Vixen is now available to purchase in our online store! We’ve been working hard for the past year to make this comic a success, and after an amazing Kickstarter this past summer, and even more hard work by my co-writer Kristi McDowell, we’re bringing you Gamer Girl & Vixen on new comics Wednesday!

Come and visit our new online store!

Artwork by the very talented Gemma Moody

We’re selling physical copies of issues #1 and #2 for $2 a piece, plus shipping and handling. We’ve also got some bonus artwork available if you’d like.

I know you henchies have been following along intently as I try to make my comic writing dream a reality. I appreciate all the support you’ve shown so far, especially those of you who stepped up and helped make our Kickstarter a success!

This new store is only the beginning, hopefully! We’ve got even more Gamer Girl & Vixen news coming soon, so stay tuned! Check out our website and social media to stay up on the latest info.

And our regularly scheduled List of Six will be along shortly!


Happy Thanksgiving from Gamer Girl & Vixen!

Happy Thanksgiving, henchies! I come to you with some exciting new artwork and news about my home-brewed comic book, Gamer Girl & Vixen! Not only are we shipping out issues to all of our Kickstarter backers (including some of you lovely people!), but we’re also on the verge of an even bigger couple of announcements!

But first, I wanted to share some of this amazing GG&V artwork from superstar artist Gemma Moody! We work her artsy fingers to the bone, and this is still the love she shows us!

We’re not ready to share the big news just yet, but this artwork was too good not to show off. I know I haven’t written about Gamer Girl & Vixen in awhile, but that’s going to change! I’m living the dream with a great creative team, and I want to shout it from the rooftops!

So keep your eyes peeled and glued to this blog for some big Gamer Girl & Vixen news next week! And we’ll have even more news after that. And even more after that! I’m making comics here, and it’s as much fun as I hoped it would be!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


Sean Ian Mills on the Podcastio

As I mentioned the other day, I was invited to join frequent commenter Maus Merryjest on his podcast, Geekamole, this week! They posted the episode Saturday afternoon, and if you’d like to take a listen, you’re more than welcome! Personally, I’ll never get used to how deep my voice sounds.

We talk about comics, like Teen Titans and Iceman, among many other comic related topics! Maus was even nice enough to let me plug my own comic, Gamer Girl & Vixen! It was a very fun experience and I think Maus and the Geekamole team for inviting me on!


Last Day to Pre-Order Gamer Girl & Vixen!

The last day of my Kickstarter has arrived, and we have knocked it out of the park! Gamer Girl & Vixen hit both its main goal and its stretch goal with time to spare! So I will be publishing THREE issues of Gamer Girl & Vixen this year thank to all of the lovely people who backed my project. I can’t thank you Henchies enough for putting up your own money to help me out! You people are spectacular!

If you’d still like to pre-order Gamer Girl & Vixen, now is the last chance!

I plan to keep this blog rolling with GG&V news as we work on the comic through the summer. We’ve got a lot of big plans for our little comic, so stay tuned!


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