New Flash Trailer is Even Heavier on the Batman Memberberries

It’s just not working on me. Drenching this Flash movie in so much Batman nostalgia isn’t doing anything for me. I liked those original Batman movies when I was a kid, sure. But having Michael Keaton back as Batman means nothing to me. Especially not when it’s happening in the middle of a Flash movie, and especially especially not when it looks like he’s just going to stand there and spout familiar quotes from those movies.

First it was “I’m Batman.” And now we’ve got “You want to get nuts? Let’s get nuts.” That’s not a Batman catchphrase! Unless, in his continuity, he took it from that one time he said it and turned it into a catch phrase?

Look, I’m gonna go see this movie in theaters. But jeez louise, there’s so much chaos in this trailer. And there’s so much just slavish praise of Keaton and his Batman. It’s just coming off as really cringy to me. But I suppose what do I know? We’ll find out when this thing comes to theaters, and either lives up to all the hype or crashes and burns like the rest of them.

The Flash is coming to theaters on June 16!



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  1. WB REALLY wants people to forget Ezra Miller is the protagonist of the film, and I don’t blame them.

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