6 Characters I’m Waiting For in Marvel Snap

Anybody else become really addicted to Marvel Snap? I’m not one for superhero-based mobile games, because they’re usually some weird Bejeweled rip-off or something. And Marvel has a dozen or so of these games, with promise tons of unlockables and characters and blah blah blah. No thank you! But for reasons I’ve long since forgotten, I totally got into Marvel Snap and have been playing pretty much nonstop for months now. It’s a good use of my time.

I only have maybe half these cards

Marvel Snap is a lot like those old Marvel trading cards I used to obsess over when I was a kid. I had a ton of those things! Marvel Snap is all about collecting cards of various comic book characters and then using them in battle. It’s fun, it’s quick, and there are a metric ton of comic characters to play around with. It’s not movie-based, like a lot of games are. So that’s a hoot! But as with those cards in the early 1990s, I want to see my favorites in the game. There are a whole bunch of characters who don’t have cards yet, and that’s why I’ve put this list together.

Join me after the jump for six Marvel characters I want to see as Marvel Snap cards sooner rather than later.

6. The Spot

This movie can’t come soon enough

The Spot is one of my all-time favorite Spider-Man villains and he’s going to be the villain in the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie later this year. So where’s his card? Are they saving him to have better synergy with the movie? Sounds about right. The Spot is a teleporter who uses portals to get where he needs to go. He’d be perfect for Marvel Snap. They’ve got some teleporters in the game already, but I bet his unique portal-style could lead to some alternatives for moving cards.

5. The Brotherhood of Mutants

Magneto needs friends

I am a big fan of the Brotherhood of Mutants and pretty much none of them are represented in the game so far. We’ve got Magneto, sure, but he doesn’t count. I want cards for the likes of Blob, Toad, Avalanche, Mastermind, Pyro, Phantazia, Mimic and more! I don’t know what they’d do; there are plenty of options. Blob could be an immovable card. Mimic could copy the powers of enemy cards. Avalanche could shake things up like Quake. Toad could be one of those dopey 1-power cards.

4. Havok

Can’t even spell his own name right

The only reason I want to see Havok is because he’s the last member of the 1990s X-Factor not in the game. I’ve got Multiple Man, Quicksilver, Strong Guy and Wolfsbane, and while Polaris is in the game, I don’t have her yet. But Havok would round out the team and then I could play a deck of just X-Factor! It would stink, because the cards don’t really go together, but that’s not the point. The point is to represent!

3. Great Lakes Avengers

They’re friendly people

Marvel Snap is a great way to showcase a bunch of obscure comic book characters. All sorts of good guys and bad guys are scattered throughout the cards, from Hellcow to Squirrel Girl to Thanos. Why not expand that fun with the Great Lakes Avengers? Mr. Immortal, Doorman, Flatman, Dinah Soar, Big Bertha; they’re a crew of really fun characters who could have some really funny cards. Flatman could be a worse Mr. Fantastic. Doorman could move other cards. Mr. Immortal could come back after being destroyed. Lots of fun options for these fun characters.

2. Beta Ray Bill

He’s also really friendly

Why isn’t the greatest character in all of comics in Marvel Snap? There’s a large contingent of Thor characters, including Thor, Jane Foster’s Thor and Odin. Thor has a special ability where he summons Mjolnir, and then you play Mjolnir and it boosts Thor. Beta Ray Bill could have something similar with Stormbreaker. Or Bill could do anything. He’s Beta Ray Bill! I also want to see all the really awesome Bill variants once he’s brought into the game.

1. Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel season 2 announcement when?

The lack of Kamala Khan is quite puzzling. She’s a popular character. She just had a really great TV show. She’s the next generation of Marvel heroes. And, most importantly, she’s got an emote in the game already. There’s only half a dozen emotes, and one of them, the very first one in the list, is Ms. Marvel giving a thumbs up — often used as a mocking or sarcastic thumbs up, in my opinion. Why does she have an emote but not a card? It’s baffling! Fix it immediately. Or wait until The Marvels movie comes out later this year and fix it then.



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  1. Michael Washington

    The Spot would be good with the power similar to Lockjaw, but instead of a different card, it simply teleports the next card you played to a different location. Set his card at 3/3 or 2/3 and make his ability On Reveal.

    • Now you’re thinking with portals!

    • They already have a card coming that does something too similar to this. Ghost spider is an on reveal that moves last card you played to her location. It gives more control. Maybe spot can have a portal that auto moves cards to right or left . Because the problem with move decks is spacing and if spot is moving it randomly it can kill momentum.

      • I was thinking Spot could be a card where, if you place it in the middle, you could move cards from the left or the right to the opposite side on the next turn.

      • Now that sounds great! Id love that! It would finally put moves up a little back to the meta where they need to be. The more meta decks the better!

  2. Ms marvel, blob, toad, and flatman have been datamined. Ms marvel and flatman boost adjacent locations. Blob cant be moved. Toad move last card played. I dont know when they will drop because the unreleased pool is like 60 plus cards, but they definitely are otw.

  3. I am big marvel fan, but still i can say their is no anti hero like joker from DC in marvel universe. Here we have made a quick comparison of joker and thanos as evil character. Do check it out https://gobookmart.com/joker-vs-thanos-who-is-more-evil/?amp

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