The 6 Characters I Want on the Next MCU Avengers

A few weeks back, I put together a List of Six of the characters I wanted to see on the live action Thunderbolts movie. Then a few weeks after that, Marvel actually revealed the lineup to their live action Thunderbolts movie, and I only got one or two of them right. I still like the lineup though. Then a few weeks after that, Kevin Feige confirmed that there is no organized Avengers in the MCU at present, and that got me thinking.

Who is going to be on the Avengers roster when Kang Dynasty comes along in 2025?

It was a simpler age

So we know that in 2025, we’re going to get both Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. And we know that there is no official Avengers team in Phase 4, but there are a ton of new superheroes showing up in their own movies and TV shows. Marvel is going to have the pick of the litter by 2025 of who they can use to fill out the roster. And a humble blog writer like me surely has his own ideas, right? You’re gosh darn right!

Join me after the jump for the six superheroes I hope to see making up the next official MCU Avengers team for or before Kang Dynasty.

Honorable Mention: Wong

And probably Madisynn

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Wong is far more popular a character than Doctor Strange. Actor Benedict Wong is apparently game to show up wherever Marvel wants him, so Wong, the character, has earned his place in the hearts of fans. And he’s earned his role as the Sorcerer Supreme. So much so that I think Wong should take over the Nick Fury role in the next iteration of Avengers. He can be the man-in-the-chair for the team, while perhaps getting involved when needed.

6. Captain America

On all our lefts

I mean, obviously. Sam Wilson as the new Captain America is going to get his own solo movie ahead of Kang Dynasty, so he definitely needs to be the leader of the new team when it gets formed. Perhaps he’s even the impetus for putting the new team together. Captain America is a foundational member of any Avengers team, and I’m sure Sam will be great in the role in his solo film. So heck yeah I want him back for the new roster.

5. Thor

Is functionally immortal

Thor is the one member from the original team that I want back for the new one. He’s the one actor of the Big Three still around after Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. left, so use him. I liked Thor: Love and Thunder well enough, and he’ll be great as the branch from the old team to the new, considering he’s immortal. He’ll be a quality comedic element, while providing real strength and power.

4. Spider-Man

The contract is still in place

MCU Peter Parker deserves a chance to be an official, front lines member of the Avengers. And while nobody is going to know his secret identity, they’ll still know that Spider-Man is a true, blue hero worthy of the ascension. Plus, he can sort of fill the missing Iron Man spot, giving us a variation of the Big Three over again. It’s clear that Spider-Man movies are still super popular, and the Marvel/Sony deal should continue for as long as everyone wants.

3. Shang-Chi

Surely this is why he’s here

Shang-Chi should remain one of the major superhero forces moving forward at Marvel, and I hope they announce the title and date of his sequel soon. He’s cool, he’s hip, he’s heroic and he’s got some great and unique powers to make him stand out. He’s the young, new blood that a new Avengers lineup needs to really make Phase 4 part of the future. And Destin Daniel Cretton, the director of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, has already been named director of Kang Dynasty. Surely that’s a good sign.

2. She-Hulk

Someone needs to enforce the trademark

I am loving the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law show and I think it is positioning Jennifer Walters in a great way to become even more of a superhero by the end. Yes, I love that she’s a lawyer first and doesn’t even want to be a superhero. But by the end of the show, I bet she’ll be willing to be more superheroic. And she’s the perfect choice of legacy character to take over from her more famous cousin in the new roster.

1. Black Panther

It’s gonna be somebody good

Thankfully, I have not yet been spoiled on who the new Black Panther is going to be in the upcoming Wakanda Forever sequel. Whoever they are — be they Shuri, Nakia, M’Baku or whoever — they should be a part of the next Avengers roster. T’Challa may not make the proper roster, but his successor deserves that spot and deserves to be awesome. I have high hopes for Wakanda Forever and I’m sure we’ll have a proper, successor Black Panther by the end who will hopefully step up to do some quality avenging in the years to come.


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  1. Love your line-up. I’m ready to buy movie tickets right now!

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