Maggott Finally Got the Starring Role He Deserves

Everything is coming up Maggott! Not only does he have a Marvel Legends action figure, but everyone’s favorite creepy, crawly mutant has finally been given the comic book he’s always deserved. It just happens that you’ll have to do some digging to read the story by Alex Paknadel and Julian Shaw.

Gotta get everybody up to speed

With a lot of X-Men comics jumping into the Judgement Day crossover (which I’m not reading yet), I decided to finally get caught up on X-Men Unlimited: Infinity I got to enjoy the wrap up to Jason Loo’s Multiple Man and Strong Guy story (it was great!), and I finally read the multi-part Maggott comic. I knew it existed, but I just kept putting it off. I’m glad I finally got around to reading the story because it’s great!

Maggott knows his role

I won’t spoil the story because everyone should go read it. But basically, Maggott gets to be the main character in a story that is specifically about him, while also keeping him squarely among the X-Men on Krakoa. So it’s not like he goes off and does something on his own. The story also has some interesting implications for Krakoa, that haven’t been explored just yet. So that’s neat!

Maggott is a hugely underrated characters and he’s one of my favorite X-Men/mutants. I’m glad he’s finally got a story all his own. Honestly, X-Men Unlimited: Infinity is the place to go these days. It’s the X-Men series I’ve wanted since the start of Krakoa. Creators coming on to take some minor mutants and give them adventures. There was the Multiple Man and Strong Guy adventure, which rocked. There was a Banshee story where he reconnects with Black Tom and Siryn. I think Lila Cheney got a story. Nature Girl has been on a whole eco-terrorist thing.

If only these were normal comics and not written and drawn in that scroll down web-comic style that I just don’t like. Oh well. It’s just going to take a little more work to enjoy comics this good.


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