6 Comic Book Knights Who Aren’t From the Moon

The Moon Knight TV show arrives on Disney+ next week and we’re all excited to watch! Initial reviews are positive, and there’s a lot of crazy angles to explore with Moon Knight. What probably won’t get explored is his status as a knight. Where’s his suit of armor? Where’s his lance? And horse? A sad knight indeed.

TV will never be the same!

I’m going to level with you fine folks. I was working on a different List of Six about a different topic, and then my computer suffered some kind of connection issue and I lost pretty much everything. And we all know that feeling of losing hours of writing/work. I didn’t want to slog through rewriting everything, so I scrambled for a quickie list I could throw together. The Moon Knight TV show comes out next week. What about moon-based superheroes? Nope, nothing much to work with. What about…comic book knights? Heck yes!

Join me after the jump for six superhero knights in this hastily slapped together blog listicle!

6. Blue Knight

Guns and skulls

Astro City is one of my all-time favorite comic book series, creating a whole world and timeline of superheroes from the ground up. The Blue Knight is a Punisher-type vigilante, a cop whose son was killed, so he decided to become a brutal vigilante, fighting crime at the barrel of a gun. He was active in the 1970s before disappearing forever. Was he just an angry dude with a gun? Or was he mystically powered by his dead son’s spirit? Nobody knows for sure!

5. Arkham Knight

Branding is important

Did you know the Arkham Knight did eventually make their way into actual DC Comics? Obviously, the Arkham Knight started out as the anti-hero leader of the third Batman Arkham game. He’s got a cool suit of armor and everything. But a good idea can’t stay down, and the mantle was brought into comics in Detective Comics #1,000! This time, the Arkham Knight was Astrid Arkham, daughter of two Arkham Asylum doctors who was born during a riot and grew up surrounded by villains. She became sympathetic to the plight of the rogues and eventually took her madness to another level, creating the Arkham Knight persona to attack Batman.

4. Tek Knight

The most sanitized picture of him on the internet

The Boys is a super popular TV show on Amazon, but it hasn’t even scratched the surface of all the madness, insanity and crazy characters of the comic. Such is the case with Tek Knight, He’s a Batman/Iron Man hybrid character, a dark protector who wears a suit of high tech armor. He’s one of the only supers in The Boys universe who doesn’t have powers, relying instead on his technology. Most famously, Tek Knight is known for having a tumor on his brain that causes him to hump anything and everything, from people to inanimate objects. Because that’s how the madness works in The Boys.

3. Knight (and Squire)


One of the weirder corners of the DC Comics Universe is the Club of Heroes, a whole team of international superheroes who have modeled themselves after Batman in one way or another. The British member of the team is the Knight, a superhero who dresses up like a knight and fights crime. The Knight even has a sidekick, Squire, and is actually a pretty prominent legacy hero. The first Knight and Squire were father and son Percival and Cyril Sheldrake, until Cyril inherited the main role and brought on a new Squire, Beryl Hutchinson. Most recently, Beryl is the latest Knight, because they just keep dying.

2. Shining Knight

Gold armor, huh?

The Shining Knight is one of the oldest heroes at DC Comics, debuting in 1941 as a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Sir Justin was one of King Arthur’s knights, with magic armor and weaponry empowered by Merlin, and then he ended up frozen in time until 1941. He decided to put all of his gear, and a winged horse, to good work as a superhero. The Seven Soldiers of Victory were revived and revamped several times over the years, most famously by writer Grant Morrison for a modern-day take in 2005. Sir Justin became Sir Ystina, a Celtic-based knight who was a prominent transgender character for a time.

1. Black Knight

Kit Harrington, ladies and gentlemen

The other famous superhero knight at Marvel Comics — one who is also soon to make their MCU debut — is the Black Knight. Dane Whitman had a fun role in the Eternals movie last year, with the promise that he’s going to show up again in all his knightly glory. The Black Knight is a cursed hero based around the Ebony Blade, a soul-sucking sword that is passed down the generations to Whitman in the present day. He uses it pretty well to be a member of the Avengers, but it’s probably also driving him insane? Or hungers for his soul? Something like that. I think the Black Knight will be a fun addition to the MCU. If only he’d make a cameo appearance in Moon Knight to make this list even more synergistic!


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