Maggott is Back to Full Slugs!

As many of you comic book fans know, Maggott is one of the coolest X-Men ever. It’s a simple matter of facts. He’s one of my favorites, and a new milestone was reached this week in Children of the Atom #1! Granted, it may not have been reached this week…but this is the week I first noticed. Maggott has finally been reunited with both of his slugs! Eany and Meany are back, baby!

I hope Maggott gets elected to the X-Men!

What am I talking about? It’s simple!

Once upon a time, Maggott “died” in the pages of Weapon X, when he was sent off to the Neverland Ranch. We never saw him die, but it was definitely implied. Before Maggott died, he left one of his slugs with a kid he’d met.

Remember Weapon X?

The last we saw of that slug it was in a tank in Mister Sinister’s lab. No idea what happened to the kid.

How do I know this stuff? Because I paid really close attention to Maggott during this time period. Maggott is a cool guy!

At any rate, Maggott was brought back during Necrosha years later, but he was down to just one slug. This continued for a while as Maggott made random background appearances here at there. At one point, they turned him into a hipster.

How do people not love Maggott?

And that’s a brief history of Maggott! Bringing us to this week’s Children of the Atom #1, in which Maggott has both of his slugs back.

I love that Maggott is popular enough that random civilians know his whole deal!

Eany and Meany are back and everything is great now. Also, how did he get the second slug back? Probably died again and got resurrected with both of them back. I’m just gonna go with that for my head canon.


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