6 Characters I Want to See in the Mortal Kombat Movie

The day will soon be upon us when we have a new live action Mortal Kombat movie to enjoy. The movie has been pretty quiet — until last week, when the first trailer dropped and blew all of our minds! What a great trailer! The Mortal Kombat movie looks pretty damn good!

If they’re on the poster, why aren’t they the stars of the movie?

Even more exciting about the trailer was the number of character cameos sprinkled throughout. We knew the likes of Liu Kang, Sub-Zero and Raiden were going to be in the movie — along with an original character named Cole, for some reason — but we saw glimpses of Reptile, Goro, Nitara and more! How exciting! I love the whole roster of Mortal Kombat characters. It was a geeky obsession of mine when I was a kid. So if this movie does indeed feature a ton of character cameos, I have a few suggestions.

Join me after the jump for the Mortal Kombat characters I really, really, really want to see show up in the new movie!

6. Cyrax and/or Sektor

Bleep, bloop

Cyrax and Sektor are just plain cool. They’re robot warriors and they looked good in live action in Mortal Kombat: Annihlation. They’re a bright red and bright yellow pair of robot killing machines, and they’re great additions to the cast. What’s even better is that they used to be human. Surely Mortal Kombat plans for a sequel, so why not do the cool thing and have the pair show up as human in this film? It worked for the video games!

5. Bo’ Rai Cho

The movie definitely needs more drinking

For some reason, I have a soft spot for Bo’ Rai Cho. I don’t usually care about the non-ninja characters, but there is always something great about the “drunken boxing” fighting game character. And while the trailer is clearly going for as grim a dark as possible, having a big, fun-loving character in the tournament is a great way to add some levity to the movie.

4. D’Vorah

Mileena needs some competition

New Mortal Kombat games keep coming out, and new characters keep getting introduced, so I thought I’d add one of them to this list just to be fair. They haven’t come up with a new palette-swapped ninja in years for some reason. But out of all the new characters, I’d pick the bug lady D’Vorah to show up in the new movie. She’s got a great look — sexy bug? — and would be a truly unique character to add to the roster.

3. Rain

Water mage makes perfect sense

I love me some palette-swapped ninjas and Rain is probably my second favorite. Probably entirely because of the pun. They made a purple ninja and named him “Rain”. Because of Prince’s “Purple Rain”. Come on! That’s so much fun! The greater mass audiences deserve to be made aware of this pun! Put Rain in the movie!

2. Sheeva

Boss babe all the way

We know Goro is going to appear in the movie, which is great, but why not Sheeva? I hope we see a lot of the entire Shokan race. Let audiences know that he’s not just a monster, he’s just a really tough member of an existing species. And Sheeva is a great way to show that. She’s also usually given a lot more depth in the game storylines than Goro, which is always a plus.

1. Smoke

Squint and turn up the brightness, maybe

Look, I’m not ashamed of this. The entire point of this list exists so that I can wonder out loud if that ninja in the cloud of smoke in the trailer is my boy Smoke. He’s my all-time favorite video game character. I wrote an entire take on my Mortal Kombat movie idea that featured Smoke as a main character. He’s a cool ninja! And why would you put an MK ninja in a cloud of smoke unless you was specifically Smoke?! A lot of people online seem to think it’s just Sub-Zero, but they’re from the same clan! Perhaps their masks are similar!

There is only one thing I actually want from this new Mortal Kombat movie: give me Smoke!



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