6 Things I Want to See in an Open World Star Wars Video Game

Word hit the internet last week that a revived Lucasfilm Games will be teaming with Ubisoft to make an open world Star Wars video game. Considering those are my absolute favorite type of video game, I’m pretty thrilled at the news. We don’t know anything about the game at this point — which means I’m completely free to speculate on what I’d like in the game!

Four score and seven years ago…

I’m a fan of Ubisoft games like the Assassin’s Creed series, and I’m currently playing Watch Dogs Legion. I’m not so deep into video game culture as to have opinions on developers or really even dislike anybody. I find games to play and I play them. And if they’re Star Wars games and they’re open world games, you best believe I’m going to play it and hopefully love it! And considering my vast and varied knowledge of all things Star Wars, I’ve got plenty of ideas for what I’d want to see in the game. Let’s put Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in our rear view mirrors and take hold of a bold new open world franchise!

Join me after the jump for six things I personally would love to see in an open world Star Wars video game! And feel free to share some of your own hopes and Star Wars video game dreams in the comments!

6. Alien protagonist or creatable character

It’s been done before

We need an alien protagonist, gorramit! Are there any alien video game protagonists in all of Star Wars media?! Everybody’s a human! And everybody’s usually a white, male human! Give me a Rodian! Give me a Wookiee! Let me fulfill my badass Twi’lek dancer turned bounty hunter dreams! There are so many great alien species in Star Wars, it’s a damn shame we’ve never been able to play as one in any of their games. It’s always Luke Skywalker this or Cal Kestis that. Give us an alien protagonist!

Or, better yet, make it a create-a-character game and include multiple alien species to choose from. Plenty of games do it! Have some guts and hire someone to do all of the dialogue in the Wookiee language so that the protagonist can still be voiced! Or if you’re that much of a coward, Ubisoft, just use the alien species that speak Basic.

5. Sequel trilogy timeframe

What is Rey up to?

As much as I loathe the First Order and the revived Emperor Palpatine as bad guys…the sequel trilogy time period is the least explored outside of the movies. We’ve got tons of games set in the Old Republic. We’ve got tons of games set during the prequel and original trilogies. Give us a game set during the sequel trilogy! Or even after the sequel trilogy! It doesn’t have to be some epic, universe-altering game. The events of Fallen Order were small and barely a blip on the larger radar. Do something like that. Maybe you can make use of the Knights of Ren, finally.

4. Bounty hunting

Just trying to make my way in the galaxy

There once was a Star Wars game built around Jango Fett. I played the heck out of that game and had a great time! You spent a lot of time in game wandering around slightly open world locales, or what could be considered open world for the era when the game came out. And an additional part of that game involved scanning random people in crowds to discover they had open bounties. You were in the middle of normal game missions, but suddenly you’d spy a bounty you could snag. I don’t know if the new game will involve being a bounty hunter, but it should, and there should be fun little side bounty hunting projects like that.

3. Spaceship integration

Lock S-foils in kickass position

Can’t do a Star Wars game without some spaceships, right? But I want more than just having a main spaceship for a setting, like they did with Fallen Order. If I’m being entirely honest — and this is my list, so I can — I want to see a lot of spaceship options. Not only would I want to be able to choose what type of spaceship I use for a setting, but I’d like alternate spaceship uses as well. Specifically, I’d love it if you got to fly a starfighter at some point. I don’t know if it would be part of the storyline or maybe a side project, but getting to join an X-Wing squadron would be a hoot! Or giving the player some reason to fly a TIE fighter, just for kicks and giggles. It would probably be too much to ask for these vehicles to have free reign in the open world environment…but I could dream.

Can you imagine a game where the open world extends from planetside to out into space, and you could hop into a ship and just keep flying up until you enter the other environment, out in space?

2. Very customizable outfits

Star Wars OCs unite!

I love dressing up my characters in video games. I love mixing and matching the best armor or outfits to get a really great look. So when this Star Wars game comes along, I want a lot of freedom in designing my character’s look — and I mean a lot of freedom. I want iconic Star Wars outfits/gear/looks to be available. I want Jedi and Sith robes. I want Stormtrooper armor and Rebel Alliance 70s-era outfits. I want Princess Leia hair. I want Corellian blood striped pants. Give us the freedom to design the character we want! Let me, at long last, create my Rogue Stormtrooper OC!

1. I don’t need to be a Jedi

Customizable lightsabers have been done

Simply put, the game is probably going to star a Jedi. Why wouldn’t it? Who is going to go out of their way to make a big Star Wars game and not make the main character a Jedi? But I don’t need to be a Jedi! There are plenty of Jedi-based games out there in the world, we don’t need one more. There can be Jedi in the game. Maybe our best friend or love interest is a Jedi. Maybe our adversaries are the Sith! But in this game, of which we know nothing about, I don’t need to be a Jedi again. I don’t need lightsaber physics again. There are other Star Wars itches that can be scratched, is what I’m saying.

Though an Assassin’s Creed game in which you’re a Jedi does sound awesome…


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