6 Beans I Want to See in Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Showdown recently came out with Season 2 and it’s fine. Enjoyable. I still like playing Fall Guys, especially since I haven’t tried Among Us yet. Along with Season 2, Fall Guys also revealed their most famous cross promotion bean skin: Sonic the Hedgehog!

Having to go fast is an expectation

Obviously this is everything Fall Guys should be doing. Make deals, cross promote, feature a ton of costume characters from other games. It’s fun playing as ducks and wolves, sure, but we all want easily merchandisable, very recognizable pop culture characters. Sonic is the latest addition, and we’ve also had characters from Team Fortress 2 and Portal. But I want more!

I want to spend my crowns on these six bean costumes!

6. Knuckles

From Reddit

What can I say? I’m a Knuckles man. Sonic the Hedgehog is fine and all, but Knuckles is the way to go. He’s cooler. He’s red. He’s my favorite. This isn’t up for debate.

5. Luigi

Also from Reddit

Mario is also fine and all, but don’t we all love Luigi just a little bit more? Isn’t Luigi just a little more fun? Doesn’t he have more personality? He’s also green, as if that matters. It might to some people.

4. Palette-swapped ninjas

From Twitter

Speaking of colors, a Fall Guys/Mortal Kombat crossover would be the bee’s knees! And let’s not bother with the likes of Liu Kang or Sonya Blade. Nobody cares about them! Give me the palette-swapped ninjas! They’re the only ones that matter now.

3. Power Rangers

Also from Twitter

But you know who matters more? And is also really colorful? The Power Rangers! I want Power Rangers Fall Guys even more. It was recently announced that Power Rangers is going to try for an entire expanded TV/movie universe. Fall Guys would therefore be a good start.

2. Rorschach

Sometimes I just want to get dark with it.

1. Darkwing Duck

Case in point.

Or maybe a Fall Guys Gizmoduck instead. Have they figured out how to combine the feet into a single unicycle of a wheel yet?



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