6 Classic Characters Whose Children Should Have Their Own Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted Face the Music was most excellent! I enjoyed the film and had a lot of fun returning to these classic characters from my youth, even if it wasn’t all that amazing. Joining Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan on their latest adventure were their grown daughters, Thea Preston and Billie Logan.

Not another masterpiece

So that got me thinking, what other classic characters should have new, relaunched adventures with their children joining the fray? It happens all the time in media. Fuller House, Girl Meets World, Mortal Kombat, Die Hard, Jay & Silent Bob, various iterations of Spider-Man, the Flintstones; a classic show or game or comic or movie gets relaunched starring the children of the original characters. But it doesn’t happen to everybody, hence this list. I searched far and wide for classic, iconic characters who, I think, might benefit from being relaunched with their kids!

Join me after the jump for a couple of neat examples.

6. Scooby Doo

Some of them have banged

With so many Scooby Doo relaunches and reboots over the years, how have we never seen their children? We’ve seen Mystery Inc. as children, but never having grown up, settled down and had little mystery-solvers of their own? Half of all the reboots have Fred and Daphne as a couple or Shaggy and Velma as a couple, so why not take it to the next level? And the kids could team up with an older Scooby Doo, or Scooby could have puppies! How cute would that be?

5. Back to the Future (For real this time)

How much longer do Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson have on this Earth? They do reunion specials all the time, right? Well the time has come for Back to the Future IV. The child of Marty and Jennifer needs to show up and somehow get sent on their own time traveling adventure! Hollywood De-aging technology is here and the time to use it is now!

And yes, I realize that we already saw Marty and Jennifer’s kids in Back to the Future II…but that future was unwritten! And that’s not going to stop Hollywood.

4. Urkel

He totally did that

Where is the Family Matters reboot? Surely when Fuller House got made, somebody out there wanted to check in on the Winslow family, right? More specifically, what is stopping Jaleel White from bringing back Steve Urkel and his child? The world needs Urkel again! And whatever cute, science-minded child…maybe he has twins, and one is a geek and one is a jock. I don’t know, I’m just surprised this hasn’t happened yet.

3. He-Man

Pass down the sword!

We’re getting, like, two different He-Man reboots/relaunches coming up of Masters of the Universe. But why recreate the original show when you can do something new and give us Son of He-Man! Pass on the power of Greyskull to the next generation! Come up with a whole new cast of colorful and weird heroes and villains! I think that would be much more fun.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Just don’t think about it

Where are the children of the Ninja Turtles? Out of all the different iterations we’ve gotten of the foursome, never once have we seen into the future where they have reproduced. I’ll grant you, said reproduction would be weird and hard to pull off…but surely that sort of thing can be glossed over and ignored, right? Don’t even think about the Turtles having sex with, like…Mona Lisa? Ninjara? April? I dunno. But kids! Who are also ninjas! Make it happen!

1. Mario and Peach

Didn’t they get married?

Mario Jr. would be so darn cute! Maybe even if Mario Jr. was a girl! There are so many characters in the expanded Mario universe and I think we need a couple more. How adorable would it be for some young lady in that iconic outfit with her own color scheme? Alongside a cousin, possibly the child of Luigi and Daisy? Nintendo will never stop making Mario games. So why not take it a step further and get more adorable? You could even start with Baby Mario Jr.!


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  1. Thanks for those Venus de Milo flashbacks, now I will have to purge “The Next Mutation” from my mind again.

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