My 6 Favorite Time Travelers

Happy Bill & Ted Week! Actually, it was really only Bill & Ted Day on Tuesday (June 9…6/9…excellent!), what with that new movie trailer and everything. But I felt that was a good excuse to celebrate time travelers! There are so many time travelers in fiction, and I like a bunch of them!

Just a couple of cool dudes hanging out with their cool car

Obviously, this list is going to be time traveler specific. I’m not just talking about any character who has traveled through time. The movie Avengers have done that, and the comic Avengers have done it countless times. Nope, I’m talking about characters whose thing is traveling through time, or at least it’s a major part of their whole deal. I’m fun like that!

Join me after the jump for my favorite time travelers. And feel free to share your own favorites in the comments.

Honorable Mention: Belle & Tina

I’m a big Only Leigh fan and word has it she’s working as hard as she can behind the scenes on her little animated series, Belle & Tina Are Time Travelers. I mean, I’m largely guessing when it comes to her day-to-day pursuits, but I think she’d like to make that an actual series. I’m all in favor of that! The pilot episode is a hoot.

6. Eva Bell

The X-Men favor really short skirts

There are all manner of comic book time travelers, and one of my faves is Eva Bell the X-Man. She hasn’t done much as an X-Man, but what she did was fun. Eva — otherwise known as Tempus — was a member of Cyclops’ renegade X-Men back when he was fighting the good fight. She has the power to travel through all manner of times, and control small pockets of it. Very powerful. Which is probably why she’s been sidelined ever since. Still cool.

5. Booster Gold

He also messes history up a lot too

Booster Gold is the ultimate time-traveling comic book hero. His story is phenomenal. Michael Carter was a washed up football star in the 30th century working as a janitor in a museum. His life was going nowhere, so he decided to steal a bunch of fancy gear out of the museum and time travel back to the 20th century, when he could use that futuristic technology to make it seem like he had super powers. And then he started paling around with the Justice League because of all that stolen gear. It’s hilarious and so inventive! Since then, he’s always getting up to some sort of shenanigans or another. Solid guy, that Booster Gold.

4. Philip J. Fry

Oh hey, look, it’s Seymour!

Oh man, Futurama is a masterpiece. Futurama at its best was as good as it gets, and it’s all based on a neat premise: a 20th century loser travels through time to the future and satire is born. Fry came to be defined by a lot more than being from the pasty, but the show found so much fun toying around with time travel and his fish out of water status. He was a good dude in the end, that Fry.

3. Raziel

Why did this franchise die out?

The Soul Reaver video games were a staple of my early gaming days and they were so badass! Raziel is a soul-sucking vampire betrayed by his master and sent on a mission of revenge — a mission that involves a lot of time travel. Raziel is cast into the pit at the start of the game and survives down there for thousands of years, reawakening in the future. Then he chases his old master through a time portal into the past, where he faces off against his pre-vampire self. Then there’s some more time travel, I think, and his story comes to an end. You’d thin it would be enough that he’s a soul vampire, but there’s a ton of time travel in those games.

2. Bill & Ted

Their message is universal

Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan are champions of all time and space. These guys are such a hoot! They deserve a whole day dedicated in their name, and they deserve a movie trilogy — even if I’m hesitant about how it will all turn out. Their movies are such a fun idea. Two gnarly deadbeats from the late 1980s get tasked with saving the future by traveling through time, and then they got on a journey through the afterlife in the sequel. These are just fun films and fun characters, and they stand the test of time as some of the best time travelers ever.

1. The Doctor


Is there any more famous time traveler than The Doctor? Of Doctor Who fame, obviously. I never used to have any idea what Doctor Who even was until I just started watching one day, and now I’m hooked! The Doctor is such a great character! An immortal alien with a good heart going on adventures through all of time and space. The possibilities are endless, and the drama is always heartfelt. Such a fun show, and such a fun character!


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