6 Things I Should Be Doing in Quarantine That I’m Not

I don’t know if it’s working, but I’ve been trying to go with a weirdly detached voice on this blog these past few weeks of quarantine. It’s a bit. Like, I’m slowly going stir crazy, and my blog voice should reflect that. I just think it’s funny. And if it makes me laugh, then at least it’s helping. Because it’s not like I’m doing anything else while trapped in my own home for weeks on end.

Stuck at Home List 01

I could rewatch all of Futurama

I’m doing so little productive that I might as well make a list of that too! My only other solid idea for this week was a list of my favorite zombie video games, because I’ve been playing Days Gone. But it turns out, I already did that exact list five years ago! And even if I remade that list, Days Gone wouldn’t make the cut. So how about we try and reverse psychology myself into being productive by mocking myself about what I haven’t done yet while trapped at home with little else to do…

6. Checking on friends and family

Stuck at Home List 02

Instead I’m watching Succession on free HBO

I’m terrible at socializing. I’d call myself an introvert, but I don’t want to be one of those internet introverts that is always banging loudly on the idea that I’m an introvert as if that is enough to define me. But suffice to say, I’m not one for reaching out and being social. I’m barely talk to anybody. I use Facebook to socialize, with posts and likes and comments, I guess. But I should be texting people just to check in! I should be calling family members to see how they’re doing! It’s not like finding a topic of conversation would be hard! I should be doing a lot more.

5. Buying a Nintendo Switch

Switch N List 01

Sweet temptation…

A couple weeks ago, I did a List of Six of reasons I should buy a Nintendo Switch in quarantine. I thought it was funny. I still haven’t bought that Switch. It’s still sold out, at least at the Best Buy I use. But man…I would really like a Nintendo Switch. I’m making due by playing some other games I’ve found on sale or had saved up. But I would love to play me some Animal Crossing still…even if I’m a month late to the party.

4. Exercising

Stuck at Home List 03

This is my exact opposite

I’m already a big, fat, lazy guy, so it’s not like I did much exercise on my own back in the before time. But now that I’m stuck at home, I’ve stopped even walking around for work, like to and from the office to my car, or even up the stairs to my apartment every day. I’m just lazing about my apartment. And I’ve discovered that that is really kicking my butt! Now when I go out to buy groceries or anything remotely active, I’m more winded than ever! And the soles of my feet hurt! It’s like they’ve gone soft! I desperately need to start going for walks, or I’m gonna have a really bad time when all of this is over.

3. Writing scripts

Forever Blue New

I could be writing so many Forever Blue scripts! Have I told you about Forever Blue?

I need to write more scripts. I want to be a writer, yeah? That’s, like, been my entire life’s goal. And I have that one comic book out, Gamer Girl & Vixen, but I could be writing so much more! GG&V is currently in the art stage. Our artist is working on our first batch of preview pages while she’s in her own quarantine. But I should be writing more scripts to more stories. I have tons of story ideas! But I can’t do anything with ideas! I can’t hire comic artists to just draw my ideas! I can’t just mail a big pile of ideas to big, important people and expect them to pay me for ideas! With all this extra time on my hands, I should really be writing more scripts.

2. Writing blog posts


I haven’t fallen this far yet

I should be writing better blog posts, too. I’ve really fallen off the wagon when it comes to making this blog really good. I mostly just post YouTube videos or trailers, nothing I’ve done myself. And I’ve started skipping days for no particular reason. I’ve got nothing but time on my hands sitting at this very computer. I should do more articles! More thoughts and rants about whatever! I’m gonna try to get out my definitive ranking of all the Marvel movies soon, to coincide with what should have been Black Widow. Maybe that’ll juice me into doing more.

1. Cleaning

Stuck at Home List 04

My mortal enemy

Oh jeez, the cleaning. You’d think this would be the first thing I could start doing! My bathroom could use a good scrub down. My bedroom could use a tidying up. The table where I throw my mail and other important papers on could stand to actually be organized. And I’ve got this big pile of cardboard boxes in the corner of one of my rooms. I went on a bit of an Amazon shopping spree a couple months ago, and the boxes just kept piling up as I’d open them for my prize and then just toss the box on the corner. It’s a good thing nobody can come visit my apartment or I’d be pretty embarrassed! I should really get to cleaning.

So yeah, that’s my list of embarrassing things I’m not doing in quarantine. I should keep this as a To-Do List to get me out there and busy. I should make magic happen!


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