The Valiant Cinematic Universe Begins with Bloodshot!

I’m no fan of Valiant Comics. I’ve read a couple of titles here and there, but none have been able to stick with me. So I’m at least vaguely aware of some of their characters. I for sure know about Bloodshot, and he’s getting a movie!

Two trailers were released today.

The movie looks pretty good. Looks tough, looks like it has some charm. Though you’ll notice that Bloodshot’s iconic look — seen here — doesn’t show up at all in either trailer. I’m all for Vin Diesel, but you’re not even going to show us comic book Bloodshot in the trailers for the Bloodshot movie? Surely we’ve reached a point where studios aren’t afraid to actually show the superhero in the trailer. Granted, they didn’t show Venom in the first Venom trailer…but c’mon! People know Venom. Nobody knows Bloodshot.

But who am I to talk? The Bloodshot movie comes out on Feb. 21. Normally February is a dumping ground for bad movies, but studios have been seeking to reclaim February for years now.

And perhaps Valiant hits this one out of the park! Maybe this will be the start of the Valiant Cinematic Universe! Then we can get movies about X-O Manowar, Harbinger and perhaps even Faith! I would think Faith would be a solid option for a film. Valiant could score some points with a light-hearted flick about a plus-sized superhero. That hasn’t been done before, and Valiant is the one comic company poised to make it work.

We’ll see how all of this shakes out in February!


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