Top 6 Comic Book Grandchildren

We all have grandparents! And hopefully they’re great! My last living grandparent, my maternal grandmother, just turned 100 this past year, and she’s always been great! All of my grandparents were awesome people and loving family.

So how about  list of comic book grandchildren?

Grandchildren List 01

Just imagine all the super-powers they have

I know what you’re thinking: why not a List of Six about comic book grandparents? Because more often than not, those characters who are grandparents have a lot more going on. Being a grandparent is often just an ancillary thing for them. Whereas it’s far more rare to have comic book characters who are notably the grandchildren of already famous comic book characters. Because major characters never age in regular comics, so it’s just not often we get grandchildren.

I’ve managed to track down six comic book characters who are notably the grandchildren of already famous characters! Join me after the jump to see them all!

6. Starling

Grandchildren List 08

She could still wear that at graduation

Starling is the character that inspired this list. I was doing research for another article when I stumbled upon her, granddaughter of the Vulture! Tiana Toomes grew up in Detroit with her mother, both of whom were abandoned by Vulture’s son, Frankie. Grandpa Adrian wouldn’t let that stand, so he started sending Tiana and her mother money — money that he made sure wasn’t connected to his criminal dealings. Adrian Toomes was a doting grandfather who did not hide the fact that he was the Vulture. When Tiana’s mother passed, he presented Tiana with her own flight suit and she has since become Starling, a hero in her own right! She’s a brand new character created to be a frenemy to Miles Morales, and she seems pretty cool to me!

5. Wiccan, Speed and Luna

Grandchildren List 03

Have they ever met?

I’m not entirely sure on the current status of Magneto as a grandfather, but if he can still be considered the father of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, then these are his grandchildren! Wiccan and Speed are the psionic sons of Scarlet Witch and Vision, created by a mentally unstable Wanda unintentionally using fragments of Mephisto’s shattered soul…or something. Look, their origins are really complicated, but I think it’s understood that they are the genetic reincarnations of Wanda’s children. They have been Young Avengers, Avengers and everything in between ever since. Luna is a bit less complicated, thankfully. Quicksilver fell in love with Crystal of the Inhumans and they made a baby the old-fashioned way. Luna was originally thought to be a normal human, but her dad later exposed her to the Terrigen Mists and she developed the power to see auras. Luna doesn’t get out much, but she was a member of the Future Foundation for a short while.

4. Cyclone

Grandchildren List 04

Grandma makes the best sandwiches

Maxine Hunkel is Cyclone, a wind-based character who joined the Justice Society of America back when that was still a thing in modern continuity. She was one of the foundational members when Geoff Johns relaunched the series with new prominence. Maxine is the granddaughter of Ma Hunkel, the original Red Tornado, who appeared in comics way back at the tail end of the 1930s. Cyclone was quirky and bright and fun, and hasn’t been seen since DC dropped the JSA in favor of the New 52 and other reboots. So Cyclone was nice while she lasted. Fun trivia about her origin: a red-headed, lady Red Tornado appeared as a background character in in the original Kingdom Come by Alex Ross. When Geoff Johns created Maxine, he hooked up with Alex Ross and Ross decided that Maxine could be the younger version of that random background character he drew in Kingdom Come. Hooray synergy!

3. Normie Osborn

Grandchildren List 05

Who dare bought him that doll?

There’s no way Normie Osborn, grandson of the Green Goblin, grows up to be a regular kid. He’s been kidnapped, manipulated and turned into a Carnage so often that he’s surely scarred for life. His dad, Harry Osborn, and Spider-Man have done what they can to try to help the boy, but surely he’s too far gone. In an alternate reality, he grows up to be both the Green Goblin and a new Venom! Suffice to say, that poor kid is surrounded by far too much craziness to lead a good, normal, not-insane life. Let’s hope he doesn’t kill anybody we like.

2. Robin

Grandchildren List 06

Quality bonding time!

For the first actual time in comics history, Robin really is the son of Batman. Normally Robin is another orphan, adopted by Bruce Wayne. But Damian Wayne is the genetic son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul, which makes him the grandson of infamous eco-terrorist Ra’s al Ghul! Damian was raised and trained by his grandfather to be a killing machine, a true warrior born. But Damian decided that he’d rather be a hero and work alongside his father, Batman. Nowadays, Ra’s doesn’t have much interest in or use for his grandson, but the family relationship is still there and it probably still means something to the Boy Wonder.

1. Impulse

Grandchildren List 07

Let’s just not worry about the Speed Force right now

Most of the A-list superheroes are barely old enough to have children, let alone grandchildren, but that’s where the power of time travel comes in! Impulse is the time-traveling grandson of the Flash, Barry Allen! He came back to the past, had his own super-speed powers and hooked up with some other teenage heroes. He had a pretty popular comic in the 90s, full of manic energy and, one assumes, witty 90s pop culture references. The zany Impulse stuck around in the past for awhile, eventually maturing into both Kid Flash and then the Flash, only to be promptly killed off within a matter of issues. From there, he had a rough go of things and was pretty much garbage in the New 52. But comics are cyclical and the Impulse from the 90s is back in comics! The fastest grandkid in the world!


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  1. This list is good. Not sure Normie is currently an interesting character on any level, but there’s definitely potential there. Also, you should read the Miles Morales book. Not only is Starling cool, but it’s just a really fun book.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed reading. And yeah, I probably should be reading that Miles comic. I’m really disappointed in myself for not reading any ongoing Spider-Man comics…but none have really appealed to me.

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