6 Comic Super-Villains I Want to Get Solo Movies

It’s my birthday this week (Friday) and so I have decided to do a List of Six that is pure, unadulterated wish fulfillment. I was struggling to come up with a topic that wasn’t just me gushing about how much I love the Green Ranger or Multiple Man. But after hearing about all the positive early reactions to the upcoming Joker movie, I’ve decided to just gush about my favorite comic book super-villains.

Solo Villain Movie List 01

Why so serious?

I don’t have any interest in the Joker movie. I’ll go see it, and maybe it’ll be good. But I’ve never cared for the Joker as a character, and I don’t like the attitude surrounding this movie. I am an avowed Marvel fanboy, but this isn’t a Marvel vs. DC thing to me. I’ll gladly watch DC superhero movies and hope they’ll be good. But the buzz around the Joker feels, to me, like people are going to crow that DC can make smart, high brow movies while Marvel is stuck making entertaining blockbusters, and that’s just silly.

Joker also seems to exist to spite traditional superhero movies. Mark Maron seems like a really funny guy — he’s great on GLOW — but I don’t need Mark Maron telling me it’s not proper to love the hell out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All that being ranted, join me after the jump for six comic book villains who I think could and should get their own solo movie. Morbius definitely wouldn’t be on my list.

6. Kang the Conqueror 

Solo Villain Movie List 02

How is that outfit conductive to time travel?

Let’s just get weird with it! There are plenty of big Avengers villains out there that could get used some day, but I have to imagine Kang the Conqueror is low on the list. He’s such a weird time travel guy. So how about give him his own freaky time travel movie? We could visit all of his various lifetimes, from Kang to Rama-Tut to Iron Lad. He could be both the protagonist and the antagonist! Get really freaky with it! And in the end, he could be positioned to take on an Avengers team eventually, right? Heck, do something where he’d be seeded into the background of every Marvel movie that comes out, but nobody will know until they see this movie and it calls back to those earlier scenes in the earlier films, where he only appeared in the background. Like that time traveling guy on Gravity Falls! C’mon! Let’s get freaky deaky!

5. Catwoman

Solo Villain Movie List 03

We need a good super-villain heist film

I think the Catwoman name is strong enough to survive the garbage Halle Berry movie. Enough time has passed, and there’s going to be a new Batman. Give Catwoman her own solo movie and then have her show up in Robert Pattinson’s Batman sequel. Or let her stand on her own as a hero. There’s a million things to do with the character and I think the brand is good enough.

But she’s not the first Bat-villain I’d give a solo movie to…

4. Poison Ivy

Solo Villain Movie List 04

It is right and just that she is far more popular these days

Poison Ivy has been heading in a heroic direction for some time now, aided by her gal pal relationship with Harley Quinn. But whereas Harley already has an actor and two upcoming movies, we haven’t seen leaf nor stem of Poison Ivy in live action. Perhaps if Joker is success, DC and Warner Bros. might greenlight a Poison Ivy movie. Sexy botanist and activist Pamela Isley wants to save the planet, but her actions turn her into a sexy eco-terrorist? Sounds like a stand alone story to me! Especially if Margot Robbie can cameo as Harley Quinn and we can get some gay super-gals on screen together.

3. Boomerang

Solo Villain Movie List 05

I don’t know who owns the rights

Boomerang would tell the story of a street-level hoodlum in the Marvel Universe, rubbing elbows with other low-level nobodies and trying to find your place in the world. You’re not trying to conquer it or kill Spider-Man. You’re just a criminal, living on the edge of society, and you’ve got a flashy costume and gimmick, that’s all. Normally I might put the Shocker in such a role, because he’s my favorite of the street-level baddies, but Marvel have been pushing the Boomerang character more these days, and he’s got a flashier/funnier gimmick. Fred Myers is a lovable asshole, a slickster with a lot of charm and charisma. But he’s also a lout, with exploding boomerangs for weapons, and all of that would make him a solid protagonist for a solo villain movie in the MCU.

2. Sinestro

Solo Villain Movie List 06

There are lots of movies about regular Hitler, so why not Space Hitler?

DC tried for a Green Lantern movie and it didn’t work. They’re probably going to try again someday. And it’ll star boring old Hal Jordan and nobody will care. So how about make a movie starring Sinestro? The story of a Green Lantern who turned to fascism to better protect his world and his sector of space, who was cast down by a young upstart and eventually created his own Corps, built from fear. There’s your story! If you want to make it all smart and high brow: the story of a promising law enforcement officer who is given absolute power, and it corrupts absolutely. The story of how good intentions can lead to fascism and populism, how a man can become corrupted by his own ideals. With a big-foreheaded pink alien with a power ring right at the center!

1. Songbird

Solo Villain Movie List 07

Very cinematic hair

It’s my birthday and I can talk about my favorites if I want. Songbird started out as the villainous Screaming Mimi before she was part of the Thunderbolts ruse, eventually becoming a mid to low-tier hero in the comics. One thing Marvel hasn’t done yet in their movies is a villain to hero redemption story. And the MCU should be looking for more female-led movies beyond Captain Marvel and Black Widow. So here you go. The story of a two-bit, low-level supervillain who gets wrapped up in a bigger villain’s scheme and eventually decides to become a hero by the end of the film. Songbird has about as much recognition with the public as Shang-Chi and/or Captain Marvel, so obscurity doesn’t matter. And here is Marvel’s way to introduce the Thunderbolts, a concept they’re going to have to tap into eventually if they want the MCU to continue forever!


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