The 6 Best Spider-Man Villains Not Yet in the Movies

It tickles me pink that Sony and Marvel have not yet repeated the main villain across seven live action Spider-Man movies, despite three different series. As easy as it would have been to just do Doctor Octopus over again, the Amazing Spider-Man and MCU films continued to dig deep into Spidey’s Rogues Gallery to find new live action villains.

Spidey Villain Remains List 01

They did right by Mysterio

Granted, the Amazing films got a little weird with their own Harry Osborn Green Goblin, but he wasn’t the main villain of his film so I’m not counting him. We’ve had Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, Sandman, Lizard, Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Shocker and now Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Who else is left? Which villains are there to use in whatever Far From Home sequel we get down the line?

I’m glad you asked! Join me after the jump for the best Spider-Man villains who have yet to appear in live action films.

6. Swarm

Spidey Villain Remains List 02

Needs to be in movies

Swarm is a Nazi scientist whose skeleton is the host for a swarm of angry bees. He’s a giant swarm of bees in human form, who also used to be a Nazi! Why he hasn’t had a bigger impact on pop culture is a mystery to me. Swarm is weird and awesome, representing the best of comics. And he’d look so damn good in live action! You think the Sandman effects were good in Spider-Man 3? How about a guy made completely out of terrifying bees?!

5. Spot

Spidey Villain Remains List 03

Doesn’t get enough respect

I have a soft spot for the Spot. Zing! Anyway, the Spot would be a great visual villain. Not only is his costume really eye-popping, but just imagine Spider-Man having to fight against all those floating black portals. The Spot may be considered a lame character in the comics, but mainstream audiences don’t know him yet. The video game Portal proved that the powers are cool, the 90s cartoon gave him a tragic origin story, and I think he’d be a really visually dynamic character. The Spot deserves his chance to shine!

4. Hobgoblin

Spidey Villain Remains List 04

Go with Roderick Kingsley

How do you do the Hobgoblin before the Green Goblin? Simple, just do like the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. Hobgoblin came first in that show. Without the Green Goblin, the Hobgoblin is still a terrifying criminal dude in a scary mask riding around on a bitchin’ rocket board. Marvel doesn’t seem to be in any rush to introduce the Osborn family, so why not bypass them completely? Nothing says we need Norman and Harry Osborn to even be in these movies. Jump straight to the horrifying Hobgoblin!

3. Black Cat

Spidey Villain Remains List 05

I feel bad for using a Greg Land picture

I am truly shocked that the Black Cat hasn’t appeared in a live action movie yet. Considering how much Hollywood and general audiences love a sexy lady, where’s the live action Black Cat? Obviously she brings a lot more to the table than just her looks. She’s a costumed crook who is willing to not only play nice with Spider-Man, but often hooks up with Spidey. That’s really fun! Granted, that’s exactly like Catwoman in the Batman movies, so that might be confusing for audiences. And Peter Parker’s love life has always been a huge part of all the films, so giving him this random hook-up would surely complicate matters with Mary Jane, Gwen, Liz and/or MJ. But still, Black Cat is fun and deserves to be in pictures! Maybe as a secondary villain to someone like…

2. Kraven

Spidey Villain REmains List 06

90% abs

I have never been a particularly big fan of Kraven. I first met him in the 90s animated series, and completely missed the apparently great Kraven’s Last Hunt storyline in the comics. But he’s one of the few remaining “big” Spidey villains, and there’s no doubt that moviemakers want to use him. He may have a weird M.O., but the idea of somebody hunting Spider-Man through the streets and rooftops of New York City could be really cool. Especially now that Peter’s identity is exposed. A guy like Kraven could be hired to find Spider-Man wherever he’s hiding. Makes perfect sense to me.

1. Scorpion

Spidey Villain Remains List 07

I clarified live action earlier, because Into the Spider-Verse Scorpion doesn’t count

Mac Gargan had a small role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, so we know he’s in the universe, we know he’s alive and we know he has a grudge against Spider-Man. Suit him up! Michael Mando is perfect casting for the Scorpion, so get him a big, green mechanical death tail and put him up against Spider-Man! Scorpion is the last of the major Spider-Man villains to make it into live action. He’s going to look awesome, and finally we’ll have a villain with a legitimate grudge against Spider-Man instead of being someone mad at Tony Stark. I’m also a huge fan of the Scorpion and have been severely disappointed that he’s never made it to live action. Now is his time to shine!


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  1. I want Beetle, Grizzly, Kangaroo, Overdrive, Big Wheel, and other obscure Spider-Man villains.

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