6 Different Avengers Teams to Use After Endgame

Avengers: Endgame will be here in only a few days and then a decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will reach its conclusion — but that won’t be the end of Marvel movies. Disney and Marvel would be fools to bring this gravy train to a halt. They’ve already got a lot of plans for further Black Panther and Doctor Strange movies, along with finally giving us a Black Widow film, and whatever nonsense they’re planning with the Eternals.

But where does the Avengers name brand franchise go from here? How about a spin-off!

Avengers Spinoffs List 01

All of their contracts are up

I have not yet seen Avengers: Endgame so I do not yet know the state of the team at the end of the film. Who’s dead? Who’s retired? Are the Avengers even still around? Do they still have that sweet compound in Upstate New York? I’ll find out in a few days! But until then, how about we wildly speculate about where the Avengers franchise could go next! Surely the brand name is too famous and popular to let lie. So how about we look back at some classic comic book spin-off Avengers teams and figure out how they could host the next billion dollar franchise!

Join me after the jump for all the possibilities!

6. New Avengers

AVengers Spinoffs List 02

Despite this picture, I do not want Sentry in the MCU

The most logical answer — beyond simply continuing the Avengers like normal — is to take a couple years off, build up a new crew and then unite them as the New Avengers. The movies could take a hint from the comics and make this team out of individual popular characters. In the comics, the New Avengers finally brought both Wolverine and Spider-Man to the team. In a few years, the X-Men will probably join the MCU and Spidey actor Tom Holland will be a bit older, so having Wolvie and Spidey lead the squad could be solid. Bring in a couple of other new heroes, and maybe Marvel TV will have brought in some new characters, and you’ve got the makings of a new star-studded Avengers team!

5. U.S.Avengers

Avengers Spinoffs List 03

As patriotic as it gets

This is a newer, short-lived Avengers team, but they were a lot of fun…and probably couldn’t work at all in the movies. There are too many strange ideas, like Red Hulk, but he’s an entirely new character. Sunspot as leader of the team. Squirrel Girl in a new, patriotic outfit. So many insane things would have to happen to make a comics-accurate U.S.Avengers in the movie. I mostly just like the pun in the title. Marvel can make that pun work…though they do need to consider the overseas market…

4. Dark Avengers

Avengers Spinoffs List 04

God dammit, Sentry! Stop being in these pictures!

There are already rumors of this film being in development, and I’m all for it! Putting together an all-villain team posing as heroes would be a good fit. The Thunderbolts were already successful in the comics, and I think it could work for the MCU — Marvel just needs better villains. Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal will be fantastic as Mysterio and he could be the first recruit. The Abomination is still out there, technically. The Scorpion and Vulture are potential candidates. Maybe the Black Widow film will introduce a solid villain or two.

Basically, Marvel needs to use their upcoming superhero movies to stealth build-up a bunch of useable super-villains. Then Marvel will do the reverse of what they did for the original Avengers movie, bringing each of these individual villains together into one crossover film. Now that would be a sight to see!

3. West Coast Avengers/Great Lakes Avengers

Avengers Spinoffs List 05

I Google it the other day; seems the Squirrel Girl-led TV show has been stealth cancelled before it even started

Can and should the Avengers franchise transition into outright comedy? That’s the only way to really do either the more respectable West Coast Avengers or the outright comedic Great Lakes Avengers. Obviously the MCU can do comedy — Thor: Ragnarok is the best example. But can the Avengers franchise and brand name do comedy? I don’t really think they can, not unless we’re really going out on a limb for what Phase 4 is capable of. But it’s definitely an option!

2. Pet Avengers

Avengers Spinoffs List 06

They’ve already got the Infinity Stones!

If anything comes from that failed Inhumans TV show — which I’ve never seen, despite being a huge Marvel fan — maybe we can have Lockjaw star in a Pet Avengers movie! Disney is doing some great things with realistic-looking CGI animals. So let’s see a big, fun, crazy, animal-led movie! Granted, the likes of Throg and Lockheed aren’t going to be easy to come by, but Marvel can make it work. There’s plenty of time left to seed some of these cute critters and get them on the big screen.

1. Young Avengers

Avengers Spinoffs List 07

The MCU will always need more Loki

There’s talk of Kate Bishop showing up in a Hawkeye TV show on the new Disney+ streaming service. And actor Abby Ryder Fortson steals the show in both Ant-Man movies as Cassie Lang. Granted, she’s only 11 now, but in three or four years time she’ll be in her mid-teens. Basically what I’m saying is, Marvel should start now to see the Young Avengers into the universe, both in TV and on the big screen. Then they can start putting the pieces together for a Young teenage squad of Avengers. You’ve also got Peter Parker, maybe. And Shuri. What I’m saying is, there are already some younger heroes available to be worked into a new team-up, especially if they want to incorporate the Disney+ shows. And I think Young Avengers would be really fun that way!


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  1. Wasn’t Bullseye in the Dark Avengers? And Bushmaster and Davos are still alive, if they know what they were doing they would use the show villains.
    Also fun fact, according to tie-in comics Samuel Sterns is still alive, SHIELD captured him shortly after the The Incredible Hulk and have him on suspended animation, maybe they could use him for that or something else since they’re not going to make another Hulk movie anyway.

  2. I mean, if we’re honest, the biggest obstacle to a Young Avengers movie is that they’d have to include actual queer representation. Like, they can’t really get away with doing it without Wiccan and Hulkling, and if they have Wiccan and Hulkling, they can’t get away with not addressing the fact that they’re gay. And Marvel Studios reeeeeeaaaaaaally doesn’t seem interested in letting gay people exist. So Young Avengers probably has better odds as a TV series. They can launch it when Runaways ends, as the replacement “look, we have gay people” series.

    GLA would work great as a TV show. It would be a perfect comedy series.

    • They literally announced just a month ago that they are looking for an openly gay actor for one of the main character of the Eternals movie, get off your high horse.

      • That’s the rumour, at any rate, but we know nothing more about the role. Will the character’s sexuality actually be addressed in any meaningful way? Will it be another Valkyrie situation, where the single scene that would address it gets cut? Will it be an Endgame situation, where it’s a tiny, passing moment that can easily be cut from other markets?

        It took ELEVEN FREAKING YEARS and TWENTY-TWO FILMS for them to include a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it acknowledgement that gay people even exist. Pardon my scepticism on believing they’re in any rush to put out a movie with a same-sex relationship as a major story element. That’s why I fully expect Young Avengers to be done as a TV show, rather than a movie.

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