Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Looks Pretty Cool

We have a name. We have a teaser trailer. Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker will arrive in theaters in December!

Looks cool. I especially like that Emperor Palpatine laugh at the end. If it’s revealed that his Force Ghost has been behind the First Order this whole time, then I’m definitely going to forgive Star Wars for everything related to Snoke.

I don’t really have any expectations or hopes or dreams for this film. I thought The Force Awakens was too much of a remake of A New Hope to be all that great, and while I enjoyed The Last Jedi when I saw it, I’m pretty lukewarm about it these days (but not for any of the reasons most people bitch about TLJ online). So I dunno…let’s hope it’s good!

I hate the name, though. The Rise of Skywalker? Ugh.


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  1. I thought this trailer was everything I didn’t want. Especially Palpatine. I would like some semblance of a new story. From the moment Abrams was announced as the new director on this, I feared he was going to just throw nostalgia at the screen and that’s what this trailer looks like to me.

    But at least we agree on one thing: This title is bad. Really bad.

    • After The Force Awakens, I gave up all hope of a new story. If this trilogy is all about nostalgia, which definitely seems to be the case, then I’m perfectly fine with Palpatine showing up to be the overall villain, just like he was in the other two trilogies. That should tie everything together nicely. Then I’m gonna rely on the TV shows and any future original movies for new and original stories set in the Star Wars universe.

      • I think your view is the same as Disney’s. Which is not what I want, but will have to accept. But this could also be a really cool movie so that hope is alive.

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