X-Men Are Getting Yet Another Relaunch, This Time With a Bit More Prestige

Less than a year since the last time the X-Men had a big relaunch, they’re doing it all over again. The X-Men Assembly Line keeps resetting sooner and sooner these days. This time, Marvel is bringing back writer Jonathan Hickman to work his magic.

Things are going to kick off with two alternating mini-series, House of X and Powers of X.

Hickman X-Men 01

No details on what the new stories are going to entail yet. That picture is a mix of modern character designs and classics, with a couple of semi-new people there at the front, on either side.

I have regretted not reading all of Hickman’s Fantastic Four, though I did read most of his Avengers comics. And his Secret Wars was the last Marvel Big Event comic that I actually enjoyed. So based on the Hickman name alone, I’m excited.

But who knows what’s going to happen! Considering I’ve already given up on the new Uncanny X-Men and Age of X-Man, I look forward to yet another possible chance to enjoy X-Men comics again.

It’s a shame that my two favorite X-characters, Multiple Man and Mimic, are dead…But hey, there’s Toad in that picture! I like Toad! And Blob could still be alive.

We’ll see how this whole thing goes!


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  1. I didn’t notice this until I zoomed in to the picture but did you notice one of Gomi’s lobsters from the Fallen Angels series from way back in the day? Now that is a deep cut. They have my attention.

  2. I honestly don’t care about any relaunches or “new directions” or whatever until they move away from the constant misery-porn and let mutants actually live their goddamn lives without every single human on the entire planet trying to murder them. Go an entire 5 years without a mutants-on-the-verge-of-extinction plot, and then I’ll be excited.

    Alternately, just announce the ongoing X-titles Leah Williams, Vita Ayala, and Seanan McGuire will be writing after Age of X-Man. Because they’d damned well better be getting ongoings.

    • I’m with you. This “new direction” announcement doesn’t feel like anything. Just Jonathan Hickman writing a couple of short mini-series. And I would also love some actual growth of the mutant population, some actual hope and good tidings for mutants and the X-Men.

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